With all the rainy nights we’ve been having, I decided to take the opportunity to relax and look through my DVD collection for something I felt like watching… I settled on one of my favourite movies of all time… The Bucket List. This funny and heart-warming movie (with two of my favourite actors) can teach us all a thing or two about life, friendship and love. It reminded me of some important questions I’d like to share with you this week so we can take Key Steps to…

Live the Life of YOUR Dreams

  1. What’s on your “bucket list”? The term comes from the saying ‘kick the bucket’ and makes reference to a list of things you want ‘to do’ before you die. So the question is, “If you knew exactly when you were going to die – and you didn’t have much time left – how would that change the way you live today? Do you know exactly what you want to have crossed-off your bucket list before you die? Have you made it important enough to write it down and start making it happen?” Don’t wait until next year! I hear so many people saying, I just want this year to be over, to relax and start afresh in the new year. While I understand the sentiments, I challenge them… Why wait!? You might not get tomorrow. Take action today. Take Key Steps now! Join us on 6 December 2013 to ‘Set & Achieve Your Goals’ and start 2014 with a vision board to inspire you and clear goals to motivate you to make the year ahead your best one yet.
  2. What stops you crossing things off? If you have a bucket list and your goals are written down. The question is, “What exactly stops you crossing things off? What stops you consistently taking action to reach your dreams? Who or what do you give your power away to?” Many years ago I realised, and was able to overcome some of my limiting behaviours and beliefs, like the fact that I often took my eyes of my “list” and focused on the urgent instead of giving time to the important. Another was realising that when I can’t see the entire ‘staircase’, I’d sometimes fail to take the next step, get stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ and forget to trust that things have a way of working themselves out. Basically, I realised that I was my own worst enemy and hadn’t ticked nearly as much off my list as I’d have liked to. Can you relate? Today, I recommit to focusing on what is important and to trusting that the next step is indeed there, even when I can’t seem to get my footing, or I stumble, or the staircase changes into a spiral staircase where I had been expecting a straight flight. Not only do I trust that the next step is indeed there, I take it! What are you committing to today? Commit to you. Commit to being the best you.

“be the difference that makes the difference