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We are a niche training and development consultancy that offers training solutions that really get results. Nothing is off the shelf… we strategically analyse the unique and diverse needs of our clients and create “key steps” to meet those needs. We blend extensive research, various training techniques, tools, stories, theories, case studies, practical exercises (including much peer interaction and team building strategies), experiential assignments and homework tasks to create an experience that inspires individuals and teams to take both personal and professional steps to really…

‘Be the difference that makes the difference.

Core Values

Empowerment (Self Development)

We empower people to be accountable for their choices and take charge of their own destiny.  We encourage authentic and innovative decision making that leads to a “fully functioning individual” and increased organisational performance.


 We maintain exceptionally high standards of personal and professional ethics.


We place emphasis on the value of clear, concise and constructive communication.  Each training intervention harnesses the power of critical communication skills to ensure maximum effectiveness.  Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

People first – Quality Service

We focus on the results required by each client in order to deliver quality services that add value to life and business. We aim to constantly exceed your expectations and create a captivating customer experience.

Best Practices

We implement world class standards based on best practices, where the primary focus is on customer service excellence, continuous improvement and people innovation.

Authenticity & Fun!

 We aim to create a safe learning environment that encourages change, growth and learning. Fun is the key ingredient to successful learning!

The Origin of the Key Steps Brand

SpiralThe Spiral is an ancient symbol of evolution, one of the oldest symbols in existence. It represents the cycle of the seasons and the cycles of life, growth and change. Althoughlogo_new_blocks only each loop of the spiral appears to bring us back to the same place, it takes us to a higher and more evolved level at each turn. It represents becoming more of you than you were a moment ago.

Our building blocks represent the importance continually building on what you know to develop into all that you are. It is about breaking the development process into steps and just taking one step at a time to…

“be the difference that makes the difference”.

It is our passion and privilege to be part of your journey and support you in taking Key Steps to realise your potential.  We am excited to share the learning experiences, that have empowered and inspired us, with you.

Namaste, Sharon and the Key Steps Team

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