Elevate your team’s potential with specialised Team Building workshops

Key Steps specialises in crafting bespoke team building interventions that prioritise educational goals. This unlocks advantages through enriched learning and skill advancement. Our tailored activities foster cohesion, elevate morale, increase engagement, and empower individuals to thrive in both personal and professional growth.

Key Steps and MBSA

Transform your team’s performance with our niche solutions

Unlock your team’s true potential and achieve results through our transformative team building experiences. At Key Steps, we understand that a connected, motivated and engaged team is the key to enhanced productivity. Our carefully designed activities are aimed at identifying and overcoming barriers to productivity, fostering collaboration and cultivating a positive work environment where your team can thrive.

Through our team building programmes, team members learn vital skills such as effective communication, conflict management and the art of providing constructive feedback. By participating in shared activities and working towards common objectives, your team will develop a deeper understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses and working styles, fostering a culture of increased collaboration and trust.


Without you we would still be stuck!

Sharon, without you we would still be stuck! Thank you for getting us to open-up in a constructive way, face our challenges and find practical solutions that we are all committed to. I was surprised that we really managed to break down the silos between claims, underwriting, operations and the sales branch managers. It was so empowering to leave with an implementation plan in-hand and practical tools to support us going forward. I loved this programme and am so looking forward to living it!

Jo-Anne Berridge


Discover the power of our unique approach and elevate your team’s performance

By seamlessly integrating team building with education, our sessions offer invaluable learning experiences that contribute to the overall growth, effectiveness and long-term success of your team.

Skill Enhancement

Skill Enhancement

We specialise in customising sessions that enable your team to develop skills that are relevant to the team’s core objectives. These skills could include emotional intelligence, problem-solving, communication, decision-making, conflict management, negotiation, leadership skills and more. Our niche activities introduce new concepts, techniques and tools that fostering a culture of learning and continual growth.

Goal Setting and Planning

Goal Setting and Planning

Our teambuilding activities are a perfect platform for setting goals, developing action plans and enabling future projects. We encourage teams to think critically about objectives, identify potential obstacles and develop strategies to overcome them. By engaging in goal setting and planning, team members develop skills in setting achievable targets, creating realistic timelines and coordinating their efforts effectively.

Conflict Management

Conflict Management

We are often asked to work with teams that are experiencing high levels of conflict. Our sessions are highly effective in promoting collaboration and resolving conflicts. We are able to create a safe and supportive environment where team members feel comfortable expressing opinions and concerns. The sessions encourage and facilitate open dialogue, active listening and a focus on finding mutually beneficial solutions.

Reflection and Feedback

Reflection and Feedback

Our activities often incorporate elements of reflection and feedback. After completing an activity, team members have the opportunity to reflect on their performance, discuss lessons learned, and provide constructive feedback to one another. This reflective process promotes self-awareness, encourages personal growth and helps team members identify areas for individual and team improvement.

Key Steps and a client during a team building session

Sharon has a way of creating ‘magic’ and inspiring transformation!

Sharon King is an integral part of our Management Development Programme. For many years, she has provided us with tailor-made solutions that are designed specifically around our internal employee value model (IEVM). She has a way of creating ‘magic’ and inspiring transformation.

Juanita Pretorius


You have changed my whole outlook. Fantastic!

This was so totally AWESOME, you have changed my whole outlook, thank you for the experience… today was FANTASTIC. I see the way we need to work so differently and can feel a shift in the energy of our team immediately. I know we are going to be the difference that makes the difference.

Alice Leach

BFC Finance, Standard Bank

10 out of 10!

I rarely rate a facilitator 10 out of 10… this time it was easy. Thanks for your passion and for giving me an awesome day with my team!

Prega Naina

BFC Head, Standard Bank


Thank you so much for the session! We have been going through the feedback forms and they are quite impressive. Just to let you know you were dealing with a very unhappy and frustrated team who are not easy to impress but you did it! They have all been raving about your session and are so motivated. Again, thank you!

Blennah Kekana

Manager, Dealer Training Academy MBC & Vans

Great facilitation!

Thank you for the great facilitation today. I am so happy with your help and look forward to receiving the summary of the action items agreed with the team. I have mailed our MD to inform him of your skills and very long experience with BASF South Africa teams including different team building, leadership programmes and development sessions. He has asked to meet with you.

Gabor Mehn

Commercial Director, BASF

Very positive responses from my team!

Thank you for a FABULOUS workshop – it was right on the money. I have received very positive responses from my team. We can always count on Key Steps to support us.

Viloshini Pillay

FD, Southey Contracting

Received ongoing positive reviews!

You captured the session beautifully! Thank you for the safe environment you created for these sensitive topics and the team to open up during this session. I have received ongoing positive views from the session and I really appreciate your input and positive words regarding my development! You are one of the few people still around at BASF to know where I started.

Menette Nel

Customer Service and S&OP Manager, BASF

The team really enjoyed and benefited from the session!

You did a very good job at facilitating the session for my team. Not being too involved but steering the conversation well and asking the right questions at the right time. The team really enjoyed and benefited from the session – we are seeing the difference already.

Hugo Derksen

Head of Logistics and Supply Chain Africa, BASF



Why do clients choose to work with us to build their teams?

Because we custom craft solutions that get results. Our clients know that they get professional tailoring (with scientific rigour) combine with our deep passion for team development. All interventions have emotional intelligence at the core. Our clients also know that they can come to us with really complex teams’ challenges and we will support where we can and use our referral network to get you the best support where we can’t.

How long is a team building session?

Team building can be anything from 3 hours to multiple days depending on the outcomes you want to achieve and your budget. Our team will discuss your needs and custom craft a niche solution for you.

Virtual, in-person or both?

We don’t advise doing team building in a hybrid way. It’s better to have the entire team online or physically in the room. If, however, you have a hybrid team that is struggling to work together effectively we would work with them in a hybrid way to achieve cohesion and collaboration.

How many team members are recommended for a team building session?

There is no right or wrong amount. Speak to us and we will give you advice based on your needs.

What post-workshop support does your team receive?

All our interventions have follow-up resources (provided electronically). We also offer an array of support services such as executive coaching and leadership development masterclasses. Because of our diverse expertise and depth of experience, many clients choose to journey with us to transform individuals and teams over the long-term. Nothing we do is ‘off the shelf’ – we are committed to providing quality intervention with Key Steps to… ‘be the difference that makes the difference’.


You can email enquiries@keysteps.co.za or call +27 11 615 4244 to enquire and book our programmes. We look forward to hearing from you.


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