What you resist persists…

Right now, I don’t want you to think of a pink elephant. Not even for a split second. Don’t allow the picture of a pink elephant to appear in your mind. Completely banish all thoughts of pink elephants. So… what are you thinking about? Yes, I thought so. Me too.

Thanks to Werner Erhard, the fact that what we resist persists has become a well know saying and often quoted piece of wisdom.  I share Werner’s sentiments that life is like a rollercoaster and we can choose to enjoy the ride.  Or we can resist it and be dragged along kicking and screaming – getting off is not really an option.  You likely share his sentiments too, don’t you?  The question is – “what do we do with this piece of wisdom?”  Let’s take Key Steps this week to…

Release Resistance

  1. What do you resist? The key here is to catch yourself in the act of resistance (awareness through journaling really helps me with this). Lately, I have been noticing how much I resist idleness and slowing down.  The irony of course is that what I resist persists; when I resist slowing down or being idle, I get tired (confused or overwhelmed or all three 🙂 and I have to slow down.  As you scan back over the past few days, weeks, months or years, what do you notice that you don’t like?  What are the things, people, places and behaviours you resist?
  2. Just let it be. I’ve also noticed that when I attempt to “fix it”, I make it worse.  When I simply notice what I resist, I (the observer) am free. When I am in “fixer mode”, the more I struggle to be free, the deeper the hole becomes.  There’s a fine distinction between simply noticing what I resist, and a “fixing” attempt.  The difference lies in how I feel.  When I’m fixing I feel stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed.  When I am just a silent observer, I feel calm, relieved and liberated.  So, breathe a sigh of relief with me and just notice, be free and

“be the difference that makes the difference

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