Many of us know people who have reached a certain point in their careers because they have excellent technical skills but they don’t get along with team members and their people skills are sorely lacking.  This might be due to the insensitive manner in which they ask co-workers for things, the fact that they never seem to listen to what others say, their inability to say ‘NO’ nicely or their lack of tolerance for other working approaches.

Underdeveloped people skills often cause unnecessary conflict. This is exhausting and stressful for all concerned, and can destroy the best laid work plans and relationships in the process.

Most people realise that technical skills and knowledge can be acquired through training and experience. There is, however, a common belief (often expressed by saying “that’s just the way he is”) that when it comes to people skills there’s little or nothing you can do to change these.  Fortunately, this is far from true.  Ask yourself what you’d like start to improve today.  And believe that you can because… YOU CAN!  Let’s take the first Key Steps this week to...

Harness the power of empathy

  1. Examine your attitude. Are you more concerned with getting your way, winning or being right? Or, is your priority to find a solution, build relationships and accept others? Without an open mind and attitude, you won’t have enough room for empathy.
  2. Empathy starts with listening. Spend this week listening to the entire message that the other person is trying to communicate.  Implement these four simple strategies to expand your listening skills and you’ll be amazed at the difference in the quality of your interactions with others…
  • Listen with your ears: What is he or she saying, and what tone is being used?
  • Listen with your eyes: What is the person doing with his or her body while speaking?
  • Listen with your head: What is being hinted at or notably left out?
  • Listen with your heart: What do you sense that the other person feels?

Join us on 14 & 15 April 2016 for our public workshop and learn how to ‘Negotiate Your Way to Success’. This workshop will support you to harness your potential, influence outcomes, deal with co-workers and gain skills to manage many difficult situations. Contact Tiffany for more information about this workshop and let’s take Key Steps together to

“be the difference that makes the difference