What impressions are you making?

It’s no wonder the saying, “Actions speak louder than words” has become a well-known cliché. It’s because it’s so true! First impressions are more heavily influenced by non-verbal cues than verbal cues. In Carol Kinsey Goman’s book (The Nonverbal Advantage: Secrets and Science of Body Language at Work) it says, “studies show that non-verbal cues have more than four times the impact on the impression you make than anything you say.” That’s scary when you think of how often you tell someone you are listening to them while looking at your watch, cell phone or continuing to look at the TV. Do you think they believe you? Let’s start this week and take Key Steps to…

Make your first impression count

  1. What impressions do you want to make? Attitudes that are off-putting include angry, impatient, bored, arrogant, fearful, disheartened and suspicious. So, begin by adjusting your attitude. People pick up your attitude instantly and there are many attitudes that attract people and create favourable impressions. Try being curious, friendly, happy, receptive, patient, approachable, welcoming and helpful and above all else… SMILE!  Remember the words of Tracey Cox (body language guru), “And if you change your body language, the mind often follows.  Walk tall and your self-esteem lifts as well. What’s underneath is important, but you’ve got to look OK for them to want to stick around and see what else you’ve got to offer.” Join us for “Powerful Presentations” on the 9 & 10 June 2016 and ensure you create positive first impressions on and off the ‘platform’. Every day you present yourself – are you leaving your mark, influencing others and making a difference? Contact Tiffany to reserve your place – seats are limited.
  2. Ask a friend. Ask a friend or colleague to point out one or more ways you could improve the image you present and one (or more) attributes you have that, in their opinion, assists you in creating a positive first impression. Thank them for their honesty and advice and dare to change! It will be interesting to see which is harder to receive… the criticism or the compliment? Most of us find it hard to love ourselves completely and acknowledge our strengths. Take time to acknowledge your uniqueness and magnificence. The more you believe in you, the more others will too! So walk tall, smile and keep taking Key Steps to

“be the difference that makes the difference

To learn how to powerfully present yourself to get the most out of any situation, to know how to put the best foot forward and to learn how to catch and keep people’s attention, contact Tiffany and book one of our public workshops.