What if today was your last day?

I recently got engaged, so I’ve been reflecting (rather excitedly :)) on what I’d like this coming year of my life to hold. I’d like you to join me… One way of reflecting is to think of today as your last day but that might be a bit extreme. Honestly, if it was my last day, I’d flee the classroom and go off to be with my loved ones instead of facilitating. So, I’ll rather ask you to reflect on what you would do if you knew your days were numbered. If you think about it, it could be true as none of us knows for sure that we will get another year, month or even a week! Ominous thought? No. I see it as a very empowering thought that makes me ask some critical questions and take important Key Steps to…

Consider your real purpose

  1. What goals are you going to achieve this year? Mine include working less and earning more passive income, completing my PhD, further promoting my speaking brand (www.sharonking.co.za), building my new home and planning a wedding. What goals are you going to achieve this year? Remember when you are setting your goals to follow a tried and tested goal setting strategy. If you need support, email Tiffany for more information about our ‘Key Steps to Set & Achieve Your Goals’ program (NQF aligned) so that we can help make this year count!
  2. Who are you going to surround yourself with? Do your current relationships support you or hinder you? What are you going to do about that? If you cannot simply move away from ‘bad’ influences, what are you going to do to change your attitude and use techniques to rise above their influence. People can only influence you, if you allow them to. Another question is who do you want to attract into your life? A few years ago, I ‘attracted’ the most wonderful man with the most wonderful family into my life. Now I am ‘attracting’ exciting new clients simply because I decided who I wanted in my space, visualised it and acted. 

  3. Where do you choose to put your time, money and energy? D am very careful to make sure I meet my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, or life can feel empty. I value my family, my work, exercise and my education, so that is where I spend my time. I also value wealth so after giving, I save, I invest and then I spend. How do you spend your money? How do you spend your time? Is it squandered at work, instead of drawing clear boundaries and forcing yourself to manage your time better? Do you spend it procrastinating and then waste energy worrying because things aren’t done? If you have energy, time or money leaks, plug these holes. It can support you to live on purpose and take Key Steps to…

“be the difference that makes the difference