Lessons from Beirut

I had the pleasure of going to Lebanon last week to facilitate emotional intelligence training for i-engineering’s country heads. I was so impressed by them. In nine years, they have grown from two people who started up a business in their garage to 1200 employees spread throughout Africa who are thriving. So, as much as I went to teach them something, I definitely learnt quite a bit from them this week too. So let’s take Key Steps and

Collaborate for Success

  1. Appreciate and leverage social relationships? A large research project completed by the university of London and Coucours Institute shows the value of leveraging relationships. I saw this very clearly in the i‑engineering team. They have strategically employed people who they either know well or have found through their networks and have managed to maintain a “family” feeling despite their size. Their co-CEOs, COO and Sales Head all went to school together and to the same University. They make sure to cherish these relationships and the relationships they’ve developed with the entire senior team through acknowledgement. I saw a lot of genuine fierce friendship and they make sure to…
  2. Have fun. WI realised early on that the CEOs of i-engineering value enjoying life as much as getting business results. This insight came when one of them came on the line during a conference with HR to ‘meet’ me and ask me a very important question. Turned out the critical question was what day my husband was flying in and how long were we staying after the conference so they could make sure our accommodation was organised and plan us the best itinerary. They also insisted that they fetch my husband from the airport and he join us for all the lunches and dinners we had. I was almost about to say, “no, we didn’t want to impose” but I realised he would’ve been offended. They have a unique warmth and hospitality and treat all their country heads in the same way. Everyone got wined and dined and very spoilt during the trip because they value and leverage social relationships. I have never had that kind of fun with a client. In fact, I haven’t had fun like that with anyone in the past 15 years. We went to the best restaurants, danced to Arabic music and everyone spent quality time with their CEOs that had nothing to do with work. It was clear that they work hard and play hard. What do you need to do to foster collaboration in your team? How can you have more fun? Choose two or three things to do this week… make one of them in your personal space. You can also contact Tiffany and book yourself or your whole team on our upcoming workshop to Build Collaborative High Performing teams and take Key Steps to...

“be the difference that makes the difference

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