A good friend of mine recently sent me an article called ‘weird is wonderful (and bankable)’. He sent this because he knows we would both be considered the ‘weird’ ones :). It got me thinking… is ‘weird’ (or, as I prefer to call it… ‘unique’) really wonderful? I can remember feeling ‘different’ growing up, and at times it was quite uncomfortable. As a result, I was self-conscious and insecure through most of my adolescence. But, there is good news… I did eventually step into my power, embrace my uniqueness and… yes… realise that ‘weird’ really is wonderful (and bankable). So let’s take Key Steps this week to embrace all that we are and realise that…

Being ‘weird’ or ‘unique’ is wonderful!

Your Key Steps Coaching for the week ahead:

1. Weird is less painful. To fit into the mould, you usually have to chop off a part of yourself. It hurts us less to just be authentic. Stop exhausting yourself pretending to be someone or something you’re not. Just be YOU!

2. More weirdness means more freedom. When you’re not trying to fit in, you’re free to stand out. Standouts, if you hadn’t noticed, command respect and attention. Sometimes stepping out of line means you don’t have to wait to do what you always wanted to. And you choose to be exactly what you want to be.

3. Weird calls for premium pricing. Different isn’t always better, but better is always different. Take advantage of the fact that most people won’t ever dare to be deviant (even positively deviant), and price your goods, services and qualities accordingly. Two important things to note here; (1) I am not suggesting you over-price goods or services, I am just suggesting you don’t sell yourself short and (2) I am not suggesting that value is just about monetary value either. When you value yourself and see yourself as a ‘premium’ you will attract the ‘right’ kind of people and the ‘right’ experiences into your life… Those who can see your value and are prepared to appreciate and respect it and you. And it won’t be in-spite of the ‘weirdness’, it will be because of it. So take Key Steps to embrace all that you are and…

“be the difference that makes the difference