Sress-less Strategies

Effective leaders know that stress can be a good thing. It keeps you focused. It makes you competitive. It prompts action. But stress, as many of us know, can also become harmful to our minds and bodies. John R. Ryan, the president of the Centre for Creative Leadership, maintains that managing leadership stress comes down to a handful of critical elements. Let’s explore some strategies this week and take Key Steps this week to…

Harness and Manage Stress

  1. Shift your perspective. Budget cuts and retrenchments have been closer to home than many of us would like. To stay positive and focused, remind yourself that many people are feeling the pinch much more than you are. All I have to do is think back to 94.7’s Christmas Wish List and I can see that no matter how stressed I feel, there’s always someone in a tougher situation – and they’re often handling it a lot more gracefully than I am. Reminding myself of this as I feel stress coming on really helps me change my thinking and stop stress taking hold of me.
  2. Make exersise a part of your life. Exercise is a powerful tool to use to harness and manage stress. It releases “feel good hormones” into your blood stream and helps boost your energy, release tension and promote better sleep patterns. If you’re not doing it already, find a way to carve out some time to exercise at least three times a week. Make sure you work exercise into your schedule by finding an activity you enjoy and a pattern you can sustain.  The benefits will far outweigh your efforts. 

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