The past two weeks we have spent time together learning about the way we filter our reality and how our perceptions are formed by deleting, generalising and distorting. So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the sages through the ages all say that the path to liberation is found by entering the stillness within. We need stillness to calm the waters of life and allow us to ‘look in a mirror’ that is as undistorted as humanly possible. To experience that stillness, we need to be willing to regularly stop the activity for a while. This isn’t always easy but it is always possible. Let’s take Key Steps this week to…

Still the Waters

1.Prioritise. How do we do this in a busy life? Perhaps it means giving up a TV program, spending less time on-line or using a coffee break to grab a few moments of solitude. Perhaps we have to ask our partner, relative or neighbour to give us 30 minutes of time away from the kids, or daily routine. If you really want something, you can make it happen.

2.Learn to push the pause button. Step by step, progressively learn basic meditation methods to relax, concentrate, focus, reflect, contemplate and enlighten yourself.

Start focusing on your breathing. Take deep rhythmic breaths to completely fill your lungs as this is known to reduce cortisol and lower feelings of anxiety and stress. In essence, you’ll feel like you’ve paused or slowed down without actually changing your pace.

Also remember to make and keep appointments with yourself (for “me time”) like you would with an important client or family member. Taking time to pause and reflect is one of the sure ways to inner peace and authentic happiness and will enable you to…

“be the difference that makes the difference