Our personal relationships (and even more specifically – our romantic, long-term relationships) are often challenging and go through their ups and downs. I have decided to use seven weeks to help us really take Key Steps to ‘be the difference that makes the difference’. Last week we covered the ninth and tenth letters of the word ‘RELATIONSHIPS’, remember them?… SHARE / SUPPORT and HONESTY. Let’s look at the last three letters and keep taking Key Steps together to…

Nurture Relationsh’IPS’ (Part 6)

I – Identity: Don’t lose your personality – that’s why he/she fell in love with you. Have separate interests and activities to keep your individuality, and to be able to contribute more to the relationship.

P – Priority: Make your relationship a priority. And if one of you says something is important, then it is! Prioritise each other among other things!

S – Say sorry: Be willing to be wrong. And know that you won’t always get your relationship ‘right’. Say sorry when you’re wrong. Learn to forgive and forget.

“be the difference that makes the difference