Pleasure or pain?

For many years, I consulted with a Jungian Analyst once a week. During that time I lost count of how many times he asked (with an almost too gleeful look in his eyes), “You sound like you are in real pain Sharon?” When I affirmed that I was indeed experiencing pain over the challenges I was facing, he would respond something like, “Good. Comfort zones can be a spiritual death. To grow you have to be stretched. And stretching usually requires a degree of pain.” He has never been wrong and it always reminds me that I really can take Key Steps to…

Embrace the pleasure in the pain

Because, when I embrace the pain, I am able to be so much more of who I am. I am able to achieve my goals and tap into dreams I didn’t even know were there yet. Contact Tiffany for more information about our Set & Achieve Your Goals workshop and together we will use a simple and practical tool to explore your values and purpose and create the life you deserve and overcome the challenges you face. In the meantime let’s take a look at…

  1. What are you resisting? Ironically, it is our lack of acceptance and resistance to the problem that creates the pain. Resistance builds up an energy wall or block that, if not discharged, gets suppressed into the body. These blocks identify places where we have not enough understanding or love.  Remember that what you resist persists. Be gentle with yourself as you explore these hurts – they could be a bit slippery – and remind yourself that you can heal and grow by being real with yourself.
  2. What’s the lesson? Once you have identified a pain area or specific painful experience, ask yourself, “What lesson is in this for me or, how can this help me grow?” Again, be gentle with yourself. Your unconscious mind can be a slippery fellow if he feels like he’s backed into a corner. Rather turn it into a fun game of ‘hide and seek’ and allow your unconscious to come out to play like a curious child. The answer might become clear pretty quickly or it might take a little longer to reveal itself. I often find it helpful to remind myself that I have managed pretty well up till now (I am here and I am breathing and I have so much to be grateful for) so any added insight is a bonus and a blessing on my journey to self-awareness and growth. Join us to Set and Achieve Goals on 20 July 2016 and take Key Steps to

“be the difference that makes the difference

To learn how to overcome difficult times, set objective, move your life forward and create the life you deserve, contact Tiffany and book one of our public workshops