Lessons from the beach.

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Two years in a row, I have taken leave during one of our busiest months because it was the best time for ME. I used to do what I thought was best for Key Steps regardless of what I wanted but I have managed to break this habit and find a balance. And boy does it feel good to be relaxing with loved ones right now! It is such a blessing to be able to savour sun, sand, sea and special people all at once, knowing Ursula is in the office to steer our ship and take your bookings.

So this week I’d like you to take a walk along the beach with me and take Key Steps to…

Savour some simple lessons

1.What’s your “bucket and spade” moment? The beach always reminds me of one of the best days of my childhood; I was six years old when I spent the whole afternoon on the beach with nothing more than a bucket, a spade and a bottle top from a coke bottle. My sister, Dad and I build the most magnificent sandcastle I have ever seen. I can remember the way we played and laughed together that day. I can remember the huge sense of achievement I felt as I walked along the beach watching the tide come in and wash our hard work away. It is one of the most significant memories of my life. Real living really is in the simple things, isn’t it? I’m wondering which ‘simple’ moments and memories shaped your life the most?

2.What happens when the tide goes out? As the tide recedes, we can begin to discover a variety of pebbles and shells that were previously hidden. We can discover so much more about ourselves both, professionally and personally. Last year, I had a significant (and initially very painful) tide recede in my life. It wasn’t easy to see the hidden gifts and opportunities in the initial moments – I had to consciously step back and look for the lessons and blessings. Once I did, they were abundant! It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. My instinct was to initially try and cling to the familiar things that had given me strength and comfort. It took effort to remind myself that success usually comes when I am flexible; and only then could I adapt and receive. Imagine the last time the tide went out in your life, it might be happening right now… I wonder what ‘miracles’ and precious pebbles are just waiting for you to discover them? Take note today of the blessings you can see as the tide goes out and…

“be the difference that makes the difference




NOTE: The information in my blog may be freely shared and re-used in any online or offline publication, provided it is accompanied by the following credit line: This was written by Dr Sharon King Gabrielides, and originally appeared in her free bi-weekly  ‘Key Steps Food for Thought Blog’ available on the Key Steps website.

Dr Sharon King Gabrielides, EQ Expert, Founder and CEO

Sharon is a dynamic facilitator, speaker and executive coach with over 25 years’ experience in leadership development and organisational transformation. Her PhD thesis contributed a framework for holistic and sustainable leadership development that was published by Rutgers University in the USA. She is faculty of numerous business schools and highly sought-after by leading corporates because she works hand-in-hand with them to create sustainable results and long-term success. In 2020, Sharon was inducted into the Educators Hall of Fame, which is a lifetime achievement award, recognising excellence and her contribution to the field.

Sharon is one of only three women in South Africa to hold the title of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) – the Oscar of the speaking industry. She is also a COMENSA Master Practitioner (CMP), a qualified Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT™) and an accredited Global Virtual Speaker. Sharon is also a registered Education, Training and Development Practitioner (ETDP), holds an Honours degree in Psychology and practices as an NLP master practitioner.

Most important to Sharon is that she has become known for her genuinely caring manner, practical and transformational approach, and for providing valuable tools and that allow people to take Key Steps to really… ‘be the difference that makes the difference.’

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