Negotiate it!

The world is a giant negotiation table, and like it or not, we’re all participants. We all negotiate in our personal and professional lives every day. Last week we explored what not to do, so this week will explore how to take Key Steps together to...

Help You Negotiate Your Way to Success…

Here’s some important things to keep in mind when negotiating:

  1. Elicit the other party’s perspective. Great negotiators have great questioning techniques. Brush up on yours and use questions to find out what the other person’s concerns and needs might be. You might try asking yourself:•    What’s the most important thing you need from me on this?
    •    What are your concerns about what I am suggesting / asking?When you hear the other person express their needs or concerns, use listening responses to make sure you heard correctly.
  2. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Prepare some options beforehand that you can suggest if your preferred solution is not acceptable. Anticipate why the other person may resist your suggestion and be prepared to counter with an alternative. Knowledge is power when negotiating… do your homework and prepare accordingly.
  3. Consider timing. There are good times to negotiate and bad times. Bad times include situations where there is a high degree of anger on either side, preoccupation with something else, a high level of stress or tiredness on one side or the other. We must try our best to avoid negotiating at the ‘wrong’ time. Negotiating is a complex process involving many skills but it’s one you cannot afford not to master, so join us on 15 & 16 April for our 2-day public workshop and ‘Negotiate Your Way to Success’. Email Tiffany for more  and keep taking Key Steps to

“be the difference that makes the difference