Have your team quit and forgotten to tell you?

Of all the resources in business, the team working with you is the most complex to manage. When motivated, your team can take up Herculean tasks and not break a sweat but when things go wrong there is little saving the ship unless you find a way to change course in time. Motivation is a complex art, while the rule of the thumb is appreciation and reward, the same incentives will not work on all individuals

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Give your team some TLC

  1. Talk. A frequent axiom in business is, “No news is good news.” However, employees want regular updates and feedback about their personal performance. Use memos, emails, telephone calls, one-on-ones and group meetings to keep your team aware of changes, updates, new products, etc.

  2. Listen and learn. Many employees often have insightful ideas that can make a significant difference to business progress. When you face a work related problem, your team could be your best resource. Take your problems to them; discuss and look for ideas and ways to overcome challenges together. Once they feel you are a part of the team it will become easier to motivate and excite them.

  3. Celebrate. There’s no point in setting goals if you don’t celebrate achieving them. Remember to celebrate individual and team performance. Catch people doing something right and focus on recognising excellent performance. Provide positive reinforcement; maybe use a corporate newsletter to highlight specific achievements, send thank you cards and congratulatory notes, make phone calls and send emails. Above all, make sure you celebrate your own wins and stay motivated so you can keep taking Key Steps to…

“be the difference that makes the difference