Have you met your inner champion and mentor?

I am sure you have. Most of us have heard that inner voice that is our champion and mentor, it has probably just been drowned out by the inner-critic. I hope that the Key Steps you have taken the past few weeks will have help you to manage your thoughts, silence your inner critic and to take charge of what is going on in your mind so now is the perfect opportunity to…

Really get to know your inner-champion and inner-mentor

1.Start with your inner-champion. Developing your inner champion is actually a term I first heard used by Earley and Weiss in their book, “Activating Your Inner Champion Instead of Your Inner Critic”. They argue that you can develop an inner aspect of yourself that they call the inner-champion. I agree with them! Your inner-champion supports and encourages you. Basically, your inner-champion is the ideal supportive parent you always wished you had. It’s that voice in your head that helps you to:

• Recognise your intrinsic self-worth.

• Realise that you’re OK as you are.

• Allow yourself to be who you are.

Think of someone who has high self-esteem and confidence. Others may criticise that person, but their self-confidence acts as a buffer against these criticisms. In the same way, your inner-champion can help you to develop the self-esteem that you need to protect you from the your inner-critic’s negative comments. Then you’ll be ready to…

2.Develop your inner-mentor. Your inner-mentor is a healthy version of your inner-critic. Let’s face it, sometimes your inner-critic is right (or at least partly right). So, we all need to take a good look at ourselves and ask whether there are some changes that we need to make or if there’s room for improvement. Like when you have hurt someone unnecessarily or are overdoing the doughnuts and really need to cut back.

The inner-critic tries to tell you these things. However, it tells you in a way that chips away at your self-confidence and your self-esteem. In other words, the problem isn’t with the message, but with the way in which the message is being delivered. So, you need to work on ways to transform the voice of your inner-critic into a wiser, gentler voice that helps you to grow and better yourself without being harsh or nasty. Do that and you are well on your way to taking Key Steps to…

“be the difference that makes the difference