Happiness is EASIER than you think (Part 5)

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Happiness is EASIER than you think

By now I am sure you are realising the benefits of this tool and that it really does make being happy EASIER and EASIER. And the real gift is that it is up to you. Let’s recap on the first four parts of the EASIER way to happinessef…

Part 1: Engage and enjoy
Part 2: Attitude and action
Part 3: Screen and simplify
Part 4: Invest wisely

Let’s get on with the next part of the process and

Follow the ‘EASIER’ way to happiness – Part 5: Express it!

  1. Express it! We might all have different dreams and goals but, at the root of it all, most of us just want to live a meaningful life that affects other people in positive ways. Happiness is a moment-to-moment choice, one that many have a hard time making. Other people will notice if you make that choice. And you can inspire them to do the same. Research shows that simply by expressing and sharing your happiness, you have a profound impact, not only on you, but on others health and future happiness too.
  2. How can you express happiness? Once again, it is easier than you think… start by simply smiling more! The benefits of smiling are immeasurable and smiling is an immediate mood enhancer (for yourself and those around you). Talk about things you enjoy. Look for the best in people and situations around you. Every day, count three new things you are grateful for… if you think it might be tough to find three new things each day, it isn’t! I can assure you that if you start flexing your happiness and gratitude muscle, you’ll find at least 10 new things each day… maybe more… And remember that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. You can choose today to see and express the happiness in your life and take the Key Steps too

“be the difference that makes the difference




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