So far, we have used the first two letters of the word ‘PRIDE’ to turn demotivation into motivation. How well were you able to create a positive work environment and then recognise and/or reward your team’s efforts? Notice what worked, what didn’t work and what you’d like to do better going forward. Then let’s add on the third key step to…

Involve and Inspire

Your Key Steps Coaching for the week ahead:

P = Create a positive environment. 
R = Recognise and reward.

I = Involve and inspire. It is important to have a compelling vision for the future that you believe in. What’s even more important is that you involve your people (at home this can translate into your partner and children) and help them to co-create the vision with you. It is important that your team feel invested in the future and are involved in setting and achieving goals. It is no secret that talented and empowered people are the key to organisational success. So involve people and empower them with appropriate decision-making authority and strike the balance between permissive and autocratic leadership. Studies repeatedly show that parents who find this balance raise the most happy, functional and successful children, so it applies to your personal life as much as your professional life.

How can you do this? Be passionate. In organisations where leaders have great enthusiasm about projects, a trickle-down effect occurs and inspires others. If you are struggling to ignite your own passion, remember to find the 1% of the ‘project’ you are excited about and give it 99% of your attention. Remember that attitudes are contagious… is yours worth catching? Take time to listen to your employees, colleagues, children and partner – really listen! Help them contribute, make sure they know that you value their opinions and incorporate their ideas where you can. Also remember to delegate where appropriate and empower others to get involved. Together you can…

“be the difference that makes the difference