Do you want to open doors?

Last week we looked over simple yet powerful ways to see failure in a new light. I wonder how much benefit you are noticing after only one week of applying this new outlook? A great deal, I hope. This week I’d like to focus on your relationships with customers (both internal and external) and give you five Key Steps to...

Open doors and keep them open

  1. Do what you love or – at very least – love what you do? Nothing opens doors more effectively than following your bliss. It might not be instant (although, in my experience, it often is) but opportunities will start coming your way when you are truly engaged and passionate about what you do.
  2. Always be professional. Arrive 10 minutes early for appointments. When speaking to a group or meeting with a customer, always dress one-step up from what the group is wearing. Don’t discuss politics or religion with customers. Don’t divulge unnecessary personal information. Don’t complain. And remember to always treat people the way they would like to be treated – not the way you would like to be treated. To open doors, make it all about ‘them’.
  3. Be humble. Leave your ego at the door and don’t brag about accomplishments unless asked about them. Being confident about your achievements and bragging are two different things.
  4. Be courteous. Please, thank you and a smile cost nothing and they go a long way to building relationships. Let people know you appreciate and value them. Make them feel special.

  5. Under promise and over deliver! Always give customers more than you promised. Follow-up on emails you sent or information they asked for. Call back when you said you would or 5 minutes before the time. Anticipate what they might need next and offer it before they ask for it. Be proactive, use your initiative, get out of your comfort zone and…

“be the difference that makes the difference