Do you know the secret to a great relationship?

Relationships are a critical part of our lives and influence us in so many ways. Positive relationships often contribute to our sense of satisfaction, positive self-regard and contentment. Within positive relationships, giving is a joy and receiving is a privilege. Relationships have the potential to shape and mould us and show up in our lives when we need them to teach us a lesson about ourselves. This applies to relationships in the work place as well. And we can learn from all relationships – both the ones we perceives as ‘good’ and sometimes even more from the ones we perceive as ‘bad’ or unhealthy.

Being in relationship is one of the most challenging things (if not THE most challenging thing) we as human beings choose to do. So let’s explore why we choose these challenging and often frustrating connections and a ‘secret’ to make them great.  Take Key Steps with me to…

Master the Art of Relationships

  1. What is THE point of a relationship? Your relationship is not there to make you happy, although it might. It is not there to satisfy your needs, although it could. It is not there to help you escape loneliness (and should not be an excuse not to be alone). Its purpose is not for you to procreate, although you might. It is certainly not there for you to exploit, by exerting power and control over the other. It is not there because God mandates it. It actually has one purpose and one purpose only. It is simply there as a mirror in which to see yourself clearly. That’s it! Relationships provide us with witnesses to our lives and opportunities to show us parts of our own infinite potential.
  2. What is THE secret to sustaining great relationships? I like the way Al Ritter puts it, he suggests applying the 100/0 principle… You take full responsibility (the 100) for the relationship and expect nothing (the 0) in return. Soon the other person usually does the same and you end up both giving 100%. Note, that it is important to pick your partner wisely. Life is such a challenging, dangerous, beautiful, rewarding, overwhelming, magical and relatively short process… share it with a mirror who’ll stick by your side through thick and thin and one who is prepared to allow you to be all that you are and learn and grow with you. Then together you can take Key Steps to

“be the difference that makes the difference