We all know the cliché, “Actions speak louder than words”, don’t we? Well, it became a cliché for a reason… because it is so true! People often learn and believe what they see in practice, rather than just what they hear. Believe me, if anyone is a fan of linguistic skills, it’s me. So I am not saying that your words are not important – they most definitely are. And they have a huge impact – from your self-talk to how your influence your family, friends, colleagues and teams. For all of us, especially leaders, we really do need to remember and honour our old cliché though… Successful people act as if their decisions will appear on the news or in the newspaper. Choose to take action and 7 Key Steps to…

‘be the difference that makes the difference’

    1. Practice respect and integrity in all that you do – whether it be your dealings with a supplier, customer, colleague, boss, petrol attendant or yourself.
    2. Tame your ego and forget perfectionism – a strive for excellence is worthwhile, it’s perfectionism that kills personal and professional relationships.
    3. Manage your emotions – IQ alone is not enough to get you places… high EQ is the biggest difference that makes the difference! (the results we are getting with our “Key Steps to the Best YOU through EQ” programme are speaking for themselves!)
    4. Remain logical, reasonable and consistent.
    5. Honour confidences and always help people avoid embarrassment.
    6. Avoid threatening others or allowing others to threaten or intimidate you – practice true assertion at all times, (if you’re not sure how, book us for an Assertive & Constructive Communication Skills session).
    7. Stop the blame game, apologise when you make mistakes and…

“be the difference that makes the difference