Last week we explored ways that we can take control of our lives and our time to optimise the use of this precious resource. While applying these principles this past week, I wonder if you too experienced the common challenge of having other people waste your time? Albeit unintentionally, it happens. In fact, it happens all too often. You need to manage this common problem and regain control of your schedule. Here are some Key Steps to take this week to manage yourself and others so we can…

Stop wasting each other’s time!

1. By standing when someone walks into your office, you will usually prevent them from taking a seat. This can help keep them focused on the purpose of their visit and getting back to work (where they can sit again).

2. Meet them at the door. If you see someone about to come into your office, meeting them at the door puts you physically between them and your area. You are being polite because you’ve walked toward them to meet them, but at the same time, it prevents them from trapping you inside your office.

3. Take notes. This works well if a co-worker wants to share gossip. If you take out a pad and pen when they enter your area and ask them how you can help them, their conversation is going to be much more focused on work if they think you are writing it down.

4. Go to them. By going to meet them in their office or work space, you can stay in control of when you need to leave. It is much easier to leave someone else’s space gracefully than to remove them from yours.

Take these Key Steps this week and take your power back. Prevent others from wasting your time and also become more aware of how you might be wasting others’ time so that you make every effort to be more considerate and together we can…

“be the difference that makes the difference