Do you remember the last time you felt completely vulnerable?

It’s a rather uncomfortable feeling that causes most people to rush to a ‘quick fix or cover-up’ — desperate to avoid the discomforts of feeling exposed. This is because most of us have been conditioned to view our vulnerability as a sign of weakness. But, what if the opposite were actually true? What if vulnerability was absolutely essential to wholehearted living? According to research professor, Brene Brown, vulnerability is not weakness! On the contrary it is “our most accurate measurement of courage.”

So let’s take Key Steps this week and…

Have the courage to be vulnerable – at work

1. Take off the mask. It is easy to feel the need to put on a mask in your career, particularly if you are in leadership. No doubt, there is a clear line that needs to be drawn between employers and employees. But you need to take off the iron suit every now and then. Admit to making mistakes, make apologies when you are in the wrong and be prepared to admit your fears and/or shortcomings. You will earn people’s respect. And, what’s more, you will be more inspiring. When people realise you have achieved the leadership levels you have while being human, it inspires them to believe that they can too. People don’t warm to perfectionism, they warm to people… real people. Real people are human and vulnerable.

2. Stop being so stubborn and be prepared to let go. While grit, tenacity and perseverance are all great qualities, they can be crippling when they are directed toward the wrong goal. This is difficult with any project that you have poured your heart and soul into. But if it is not profitable nor bringing you closer to your goal, then you need to recognise when you are being stubborn and be prepared to let go. Treat any humiliation like water off a duck’s back, learn the lessons you need to and then direct your energy toward the next project. Have the courage to embrace your imperfections and begin living life from the vantage point of authenticity and worthiness and keep taking Key Steps to…

“be the difference that makes the difference