Key Steps to Successful Project Management

Master the art of effective people and process management to effortlessly complete projects on time and within budget. Whether you are leading a team or working on standalone projects, this programme will equip you with the skills to fulfill your duties, maximise productivity, and seize business improvement opportunities.

2-Day Programme

Max 20 Learners

Virtual or In-Person

Who Should Attend?

Individual Contributors. Team Leaders. Managers. Senior Executives.

Why Attend?

This powerful 2-day programme will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage projects successfully. Project planning allows you to achieve both co-ordination and control through the efficient planning, effective implementation and successful completion of a wide range of projects. You will develop a full understanding of the project goals, objectives and benefits before committing significant resources. You’ll learn a variety of aspects such as scheduling tasks, people management, cost managing, risk management and quality management. This is an intensive hands-on practical programme that will ensure you improve your efficiency in the workplace and are empowered.


What Will You Gain?

After this programme, you will:

  1. Understand the project life cycle
  2. Be able to develop a business case
  3. Break projects into manageable components through estimating and scheduling tasks and building an effective team
  4. Determine and allocate resources for a project and manage risks
  5. Implementing by tracking, controlling and evaluating a project
  6. Recognise the importance of and develop key interpersonal and core skills such as problem-solving, communicating, building relationships and managing change
  7. Manage project closure and reporting

How It Will Help You?

You will learn to manage people and processes more effectively to complete projects easily and within (or under) budget. It will support you to fulfil your duties through managing the efforts of others as well as aid you if you work on stand-alone or time focused projects aimed to capitalise on business improvement opportunities.

What Learning Materials Are Included?

We supply the following for virtual and face to face training:

  1. Comprehensive learner manual
  2. Digital cue cards with quick tips and shortcut keys
  3. Highly practical, integrated and engaging learning experience

For all virtual sessions we provide an end-to-end service including:

  1. Scheduling and hosting of all Microsoft Teams sessions
  2. Delegate invitations and reminders
  3. All related training correspondence and IT support during workshops

I enjoyed and learnt a lot!

I enjoyed and learnt a lot in these two days. My biggest learning was that the planning phase is very important. This gave me the real picture of what project management is all about. I know that I will be able to use this immediately and manage my projects so much better. 

Lindelani Dali



The best thing about this workshop was the practical correlation between theory and our practical projects. Everything learnt can be implemented in our day to day lives. Louise was really excellent.    

Reitumetse Manyoni

Inventory Controlling, BASF

Very Valuable Sessions!

You have a way of building a relationship with your audience that leaves us feeling as if we’ve known you forever. Straight forward but kind. Thank you for the very valuable sessions.

Linky Olivier


Relevant & Easy to Apply!

I found that all modules were relevant and easy to apply. Great course for learning and it was very well presented. Thank you for a great, valuable and practical session.

Ian Duthie

General Manager, Barloworld

Apply Theory Immediately!

The best thing about this workshop was understanding the principles, concepts and applying the theory immediately. This is really going to benefit us. Thank you.  

Hannes Ackerman

Hannes Ackerman, Ansys Limited