Key Steps to Powerful Presentations

Join our impactful programme to boost confidence, improve self-esteem, and inspire personal development. With recorded presentations, individual coaching, and reviews, you will experience measurable gains in communication, personal brand, and presentation impact. Impress your audience with increased confidence, preparation, knowledge, and influence.

2-Day Programme

Max 15 Learners

Virtual or In-Person

Who Should Attend?

Individual Contributors. Team Leaders. Managers. Senior Executives.

Why Attend?

Public speaking is the average person’s fifth greatest fear yet being able to present impactfully is necessary to most business roles. Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling to a client or simply want to energise a team, the power of your presentation is the difference between success and failure. This practical 2-day programme will show you how structure of ANY presentation in 10 minutes, support your message, avoid death by PowerPoint, overcome stage fright, present impactfully in both a face-to-face and virtual setting and get your point across and remembered! You’ll learn to refine your presentation for maximum influence, credibility and impact. Winning presentations are one of your most priceless business tools. 


What Will You Gain?

After this programme, you will:

  1. Incorporate the seven key aspects of a dynamic presentation into your design
  2. Structure your presentation for maximum impact and convey complex material directly and simply
  3. Avoid death by PowerPoint and use the best delivery methods to support your message
  4. Support your message with powerful stories that evoke emotion
  5. Avoid some of the worst words used in presentations to stop casting doubt on your message
  6. Overcome stage fright and project confidence and enthusiasm while building credibility
  7. Gain techniques to overcome adverse situations and handle the Q&A with ease
  8. Engage and excite audiences so they are more likely to embrace change and take action!

How It Will Help You?

This programme is known to increase confidence, improve self-esteem, inspire self-development and positively impact your life outside the classroom not to mention that it makes a marked difference in business results. The programme features recorded presentation opportunities, individual coaching and review, so you will really take Key Steps to… ‘be the difference that makes the difference.’ You’ll see measurable gains in communication, your personal brand, and ultimately, your presentation impact. Your audience will see the difference and view you as more confident, prepared, informed and impactful.

What Learning Materials Are Included?

We supply the following for virtual and face to face training:

  1. Comprehensive learner manual
  2. Digital cue cards with quick tips and shortcut keys
  3. Highly practical, integrated and engaging learning experience

For all virtual sessions we provide an end-to-end service including:

  1. Scheduling and hosting of all Microsoft Teams sessions
  2. Delegate invitations and reminders
  3. All related training correspondence and IT support during workshops

Straight forward but kind!

You have a way of building a relationship with your audience that leaves us feeling as if we’ve known you forever. Your feedback to our leaders about their virtual engagement (or lack thereof at times) was straight forward but kind. Thank you for the value you have added to our business.

Linky Olivier


Practical & Impactful!

I have come out with practical and impactful learnings that can be implemented to improve stakeholder engagement and buy-in. Excellent, Sharon, thank you.

Gordon Pieterse


So much easier!

Thank you for introducing us to the world of virtual facilitation, it is so much easier to explore this world based on your knowledge and experience as the basis from which we can now work, explore, and hopefully master.

Hannelie Swanepoel

Talent Development Manager, Premier

Great Energy!

I’ve had the privilege of attending two of Sharon’s workshops. Both were a great learning opportunity, very practical and added value immediately. She can keep an audience hanging on every word. Great energy, extensive knowledge and amazing resume.

Michelle van der Have

Delegate, Hollard