Key Steps to Finance for Non-Financial Managers


Acquire essential financial acumen through case studies in this programme. Master the skills to interpret financial statements and effectively engage with finance professionals, utilising the appropriate language and terminology. Gain a deeper understanding of business economics and become the difference that truly matters by leveraging financial insights.

3-Day Programme

Max 20 Learners

Virtual or In-Person

Who Should Attend?

Non-financial managers. Individual Contributors. Team Leaders.

Why Attend?

Imagine the untapped potential you have in your own company if everyone understood how they impact your key financial indicators. Imagine a management team that can respond to variances in the income statement. Imagine everyone understanding why cash is just as important as profit. You can develop that potential by ensuring that your managers become financially literate during this intensive 3-day programme. We all play a role in our organisations’ financial health, whether we realise it or not. If you don’t have training or a background in finances, you may be at a disadvantage as you sit around the management table.


What Will You Gain?

After this programme, you will:

  1. Explain accounting concepts and terminology
  2. Determine the selling price of merchandise
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of budgets and budgetary control
  4. Apply concepts related to cost-volume-profit analysis
  5. Explain the theory of financial management
  6. Analyse financial statements
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of financial planning concepts

How It Will Help You?

This transformative and interactive masterclass will show you how to take control of your professional and personal life in ways you have never done before. You’ll be equipped with strategies to take your success to a higher, more evolved level. You will leave feeling more able to focus on what matters, do more with less and with tools to tap into your inner resilience. You will learn how to be optimistic and how to programme yourself for success. This does not mean “rah-rah positive thinking” – far from it – but rather ways of thinking constructively and directing your energy to overcome obstacles and really take Key Steps to THRIVE.

What Learning Materials Are Included?

We supply the following for virtual and face to face training:

  1. Comprehensive learner manual
  2. Digital cue cards with quick tips and shortcut keys
  3. Highly practical, integrated and engaging learning experience

For all virtual sessions we provide an end-to-end service including:

  1. Scheduling and hosting of all Microsoft Teams sessions
  2. Delegate invitations and reminders
  3. All related training correspondence and IT support during workshops

Helped contextualise operations from a finance point of view!

I really learned a lot. This course helped me contextualise our operations from a finance point of view. My biggest learning on this workshop was getting to understand all the statements of income components.

Sibusiso Mlambo

Process Engineer, National Brands Limited

The level of engagement was amazing!

The facilitator was very patient and good with explaining key concepts to non-financial managers. Thank you, the level of engagement was amazing.

Zakithi Mbatha

Finance Manager, National Brands Limited

Very good!

The overall presentation of the workshop was very good. My greatest take home from this workshop was learning to integrate all the different aspects of finance.

Koos Du Toit

Software Developer, Ansys Limited

The essence of great conversations and solutions!

Sharon, you have given the essence of some great conversations and solutions going forward. Thanks for all your tremendous knowledge and wisdom that you share so freely with our business and people. This truly sets you apart.

Liesl Diesel

Group Leadership Development Manager, Barloworld

The best soft skills trainer I know!

I have been in the industry for a very long time and Sharon is the best Soft Skills trainer I know. She is always friendly and highly professional. And is always willing to go the extra mile with passion and creativity. Sharon is an inspiration to others in the way she assists people to unlock their true potential. I would whole heartedly recommend Sharon to anyone serious about growth and development.

Ronel Bornman

Manager, Next Gen