SharePoint and Business Processes

This SharePoint training course teaches business professionals how to take advantage of SharePoint’s robust automated business processes. This course is designed to provide users with a deep dive into SharePoint automation ranging from working with documentation to managing records to full workflow processes and task tracking. Users that have some SharePoint knowledge will find this class perfect for learning and building on advanced SharePoint topics.

2-Day Course

Max 15 Learners

Virtual, On-Site or Hybrid


Delegates should have a good understanding and working knowledge of SharePoint’s basic to intermediate functionalities and tools.

Why Attend?

By the end of this course, you will have gained the skills necessary to become competent in leveraging SharePoint’s functionalities to automate business processes, and further enhance collaboration, integration and overall productivity within your organisation.


What Will You Gain?

During this course, you will learn about:

  1. Getting employees to engage with SharePoint
  2. Optimising SharePoint to work for the business
  3. Customising business processes
  4. Permissions and security
  5. Workflows
  6. Integration with Office Applications
  7. Customisation and Personalisation
  8. Mobile access
  9. Collaborative tools
  10. Troubleshooting and support

What Learning Materials Are Included?

We supply the following for virtual and face to face training:

  1. Comprehensive learner manual
  2. Digital cue cards with quick tips and shortcut keys
  3. Highly practical, integrated and engaging learning experience

For all virtual sessions we provide an end-to-end service including:

  1. Scheduling and hosting of all Microsoft Teams sessions
  2. Delegate invitations and reminders
  3. All related training correspondence and IT support during workshops

Will make a big difference in my daily work!

Sharon has brilliant facilitation skills; she was clearly heard and easy to understand. The course was very good and extremely useful and will make a big difference in my daily work. Thank you.

Tanya Dequcins

Manager, EY

Very informative and practical!

Sharon is excellent at keeping you focused. Her workshops are always very informative and practical. I would definitely recommend that my colleagues attend.

Dionne Letcher