Excel Advanced Level

Microsoft Excel Advanced offers a comprehensive exploration of advanced concepts and techniques, encompassing enhanced formatting, charting and worksheet operations. It is geared towards experienced Excel users seeking to expand their expertise and focuses on refining existing knowledge by introducing more sophisticated techniques and spreadsheet automation methods. participants will gain valuable skills to tackle complex data analysis and manipulate data effectively.

2-Day Course

Max 15 Learners

Virtual, On-Site or Hybrid


Participants must have attended Excel basic and intermediate training and be proficient in the functionalities. If they are frequent users but have been self taught, we recommend attending our Excel on Steroids course, which prepares self-taught users for advanced training.

Why Attend?

By the end of this course, you will have gained the necessary skills to create impactful spreadsheets and complete data analysis with wide-ranging capabilities. You’ll become proficient in using all of Excel’s tools and many shortcuts to their maximum. You will save time and manage and analyse data quickly and efficiently. This workshop will set you apart.


What Will You Gain?

After this course, you will:

  1. Create outlines and subtotals
  2. Name, create and modify cell and range names
  3. Sort and filter lists and work with tables
  4. Audit, add comments, share and protect workbooks
  5. Use conditional formatting and SmartArt to optimise the display of data
  6. Create advanced functions such as logical (IF STATEMENTS and more), math, statistical and financial functions
  7. Use LOOKUP functions as well as MATCH and INDEX functions in data tables
  8. Use advanced list management to validate cell entries and create consistent databases
  9. Work with PivotTables and PivotCharts including creating, rearranging and formatting for maximum impact
  10. Export and import data from a variety of systems and automate your processes
  11. Use analytical options such as the Goal Seek and Solver, Analysis ToolPak and Scenario functions
  12. Record and run Macros and custom functions

What Learning Materials Are Included?

We supply the following for virtual and face to face training:

  1. Comprehensive learner manual
  2. Digital cue cards with quick tips and shortcut keys
  3. Highly practical, integrated and engaging learning experience

For all virtual sessions we provide an end-to-end service including:

  1. Scheduling and hosting of all Microsoft Teams sessions
  2. Delegate invitations and reminders
  3. All related training correspondence and IT support during workshops

I benefitted immensely!

Thank you, Sharon, this workshop was really helpful. I always enjoy your courses and I really enjoyed this one too. I benefitted immensely from the lookups, macros and database features.

Marika Liversage

Ernest Lowe

Helpful, useful and practical!

The session was very helpful, useful and practical. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it.

Taryn Africa

HR, Atlas Copco

I will save lots of time and work more efficiently!

It was great learning about how to interpret formulae on any spreadsheet. I enjoyed learning how to set up and understand pivot tables and record macros. This was an excellent workshop; I will now be able to save lots of time and work more efficiently.

Preshinee Reddy

Finance, BASF

Well presented and pitched at the right level!

The course was well presented, articulate, organised and pitched at the right level. It was incredibly helpful to work through examples. I gained a better understanding of formulas, pivot tables and macros. Sharon was helpful, friendly and definitely knows her stuff.

David Baxter

Manager, EY