Sharon King Gabrielides Speaker Rider

Please contact our team at should you have any questions.

What Sets Sharon Apart?

  1. Pre-event planning and customisation
  2. Pre-event marketing collateral, video and resources
  3. Post-event resources and check-in
  4. Both virtual and in-person options
  5. Executive coaching
  6. Leadership masterclasses
  7. Ongoing development pathways
  8. Unparalleled professionalism
  9. Award-winning, acclaimed female speaker

Tech and AV

  1. Sharon’s presentation uses custom fonts, layouts, colours, animation and so on. Therefore, she runs her presentation from her own laptop (ASUS with HDMI output). Sharon brings all adapters and will be ready to plug-in.
  2. If the venue uses Barco ClickShare for connecting the laptop to the projector, please ensure that the dongle has latest software / extension pack installed. ClickShare has introduced a desktop app to ensure a better presentation experience. Sharon always has the latest update of the app on her laptop.
  3. Her computer needs to be at the front of the room with her, where she can access it to be most nimble. Sharon often pulls up examples to share when her audience asks questions or adapts to meet needs.
  4. Sharon’s microphone preference is a countryman (headset) or lavalier (lapel clip-on). A wireless handheld can be used if absolutely necessary. If the audience is fewer than 50, a mic isn’t needed.
    Whenever possible, projectors or screens should be set off to the side(s) of the stage and not in the centre of the stage.
  5. Whenever possible, with smaller size audiences, Sharon prefers that participants are seated at round tables in groups of between 6 to 10. Larger audiences will naturally be seated theatre style.
  6. Sharon loves to work hand-in-hand with your tech team, preferably 20 to 30-minutes before she goes on stage. Hot swaps (resulting from back-to-back sessions with no break in between) drain the audience’s energy, stress out the tech team and worry the speaker. Please schedule a (minimum) 10 to 15-minute break before the presentation to switch equipment and clear the stage, if necessary.
  7. Another priority of Sharon’s will be to help keep your event running smoothly. If you get behind schedule, she will be flexible to your guidance. Whether you want her to cut some time or do her full time, it helps if you can have a clock easily viewable from the stage to help her adjust accordingly.
  8. Clients often ask if Sharon will be available for a “meet and greet” with attendees to answer questions and visit. Sharon is always happy to do so (and actually much prefers to have a chance to meet with attendees!) and will arrange all details in advance. It is preferable for this to happen before the session.

Recordings and Photography

  1. Unless we specifically agree (there is a price difference) you don’t have permission to record (audio or video) or distribute Sharon’s talk. If you wish to record the event, please contact Sharon or a member of our team in advance. We have various licensing options we can talk through if you would like to record.
  2. If we’ve agreed to permit recording the session, plan ample time to test sound pick up and to verify that the sound patch doesn’t interfere with the projection-output quality (sometimes an issue).
  3. All recorded footage and photography is to be made available to Key Steps within 10 working days of Sharon’s presentation.
  4. You agree that Sharon has the right to photograph the session as well and use photos online or in print.

Travel Arrangements and Dietary Requirements

  1. The organiser will cover all reasonable travel expenses, including airfare/train fare, transportation to and from the airport/train station and local transportation during the event.
  2. Sharon holds both a UK and RSA passport. Should she require a visa to speak at the event, the organiser is to arrange this using a suitable visa agent and cover all associated costs.
  3. The Key Steps team is happy to make all other travel arrangements and have them reimbursed provided a 50% deposit has been paid for the speaking engagement. The reimbursement is prior to the event.
  4. Sharon is happy to fly in economy class unless the flight is more than 5 hours long and she is presenting the next day. Then business class is preferable and will allow her to be at her best.
  5. The hotel should be conveniently located near the event venue.
  6. When booking Sharon’s hotel reservation, please reserve a non-smoking bedroom in the quietest part of the hotel, guaranteed for late arrival.
  7. Access to decent speed Wi-Fi is essential.
  8. If Sharon joins your executive team for any meals, please note she avoids gluten and dairy.
  9. Sharon’s schedule should be clearly defined, including arrival and departure times, presentation times, and any other activities or sessions she is expected to participate in.
  10. All contact numbers required must be supplied at least 2-days ahead of the event. This is especially important if Sharon is being collected at any point in the journey by someone in your organisation,

Promotion of Event

  1. If required, the organiser and the Key Steps team will collaborate on promoting the event through various channels, including social media, websites and email newsletters.
  2. Sharon will be happy to supply promotional materials such as photos, bio and key talking points to assist with the event promotion. She will also customise a short pre-video to create a build-up to the event should you require it.


  1. Sharon has a 1-minute introductory video ready to play before she begins her session. This video briefly highlights her speaking history and credentials. The emcee or person designated to do introductions can just say something very brief and perhaps joke that they have been let off the hook regarding the details of Sharon’s career and will now hand over to the video.
  2. If a short intro or bio is still deemed necessary, we are happy to supply one to the host or emcee before the presentation.

Thank you for your interest in inviting Sharon to speak at your event. We look forward to partnering with you to ensure your event is a resounding success!