How we worked with Sibanye-Stillwater increase the Emotional Intelligence of ALL their leaders

US and South Africa


10 Masterclasses

363 Delegates


97% Highly Recommended

The Challenge

Sibanye-Stillwater made a global decision to increase the emotional intelligence of all leaders. The challenge was to ensure that every leader scored 110 or more on the Bar-On EQ-i® Assessment.

They wanted to change the face of mining leadership and knew that emotional intelligence was key to making this happen. The vision was to have more engaged and productive teams and leaders with deeper self-awareness who were well equipped to express their emotions in useful ways, get the best out of their teams, make effective decisions all while being agile and innovative.

The Solution

Key Steps designed a learning pathway that took leaders through a ten-month learning journey. This was rolled-out in waves with our customer experience team handling everything from onboarding to guiding each leader through their learning pathway to graduation.

The journey began with Bar-On EQ-i® Assessments (as a post-measure) and then a series of experiential virtual training initiatives, action learning assignments, reflective journalling all designed to achieve deep transformation. The virtual mode of delivery was important to allow leaders from across the globe to come together and meet and collaborate with colleagues from other countries.

Their final EQ scores, as well as the lived experience of the participants showed exceptional results.

5 Stars

Never seen leadership developed this way - Really made a difference!

You are doing great work for us. In all my years, I have never seen leadership developed in this way. It is so practical and integrated and really makes a difference. The people who have attended so far can’t stop talking about the programme and we are seeing the benefits. We look forward to our continued partnership with you.

Dawie Mostert, VP of Organizational Transformation, Sibanye-Stillwater

The best course of my life!

I really didn’t think I was up for it… But at one of the worst times in my life, I attended the best course of my life! Everything has changed. I can’t thank you enough Sharon. You not only made me a better leader, but you gave me my life back.

Nadia Snyman, Superintendent Metal Accounting, Sibanye-Stillwater

Not just leadership - Totally life changing!

I don’t have the words to express the value of this course in my career and life. I would highly recommend that any person given a chance to attend should grab the opportunity with both hands. Sharon is phenomenal. I celebrate her and her work. It isn’t just leadership changing but totally life changing.

Murendeni Matshinyatsimbi, Renewable Energy Manager, Sibanye-Stillwater

I am a changed and better leader!

The content of all the masterclasses link together so well to give a complete guide to understand and use your emotions to your and others benefit. The assignments really ensured application in between classes. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from this programme. I am a changed and better leader.

Belinda Kruse, Engineering Superintendent – Asset Management, Sibanye-Stillwater

The Results

Throughout the training, Sibanye reported that they could feel a buzz amongst their leadership.

Everyone was talking about the programme and how much value they were gaining. They had planned to do some internal marketing to get buy-in from their leaders and after the first three Cohorts, they realised that this would not be necessary. Leaders who had not yet been enrolled were desperate to get onto the next Cohort.

Post training, the increase they had hoped for had not only been achieved but succeeded. Leaders were managing performance more effectively and the results were showing on the scoreboard.

The Feedback

Across 165 survey responses, Sibanye-Stillwater leaders rated their Key Steps learning experiences extremely favourably.


Facilitator’s knowledge


Content relevant and practical


Engaging climate of participation


Benefit Gained


Increased EQ


Statistically significant increase in 97% of leader’s EQ scores.


More efficient, motivated and productive teams.


Significant shift in leadership culture.


Completely life changing for 83% of leaders.


A great journey – practical, innovative, inclusive, professional and applicable!

Dr Sharon, thank you for the 12 months being a part of these excellent leadership EQ masterclasses. It indeed was a great journey, practical, innovative, inclusive, professional and applicable in every module. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and the team. All leaders should attend this programme, it really makes a difference. All the best for you and Key Steps.

Heinrich Botha

Unit Manager: Fraud, Commercial, Product / General Crime and GBV Investigations at Sibanye-Stillwater