How we worked with Mercedes-Benz to enable their finance and controlling teams to deliver powerful, impactful presentations

South Africa

2-Day Programme

30 Delegates

In-Person and Virtual

99% Felt More Confident

The Challenge

Financial and controlling functions often have the difficult job of communicating volume intensive and complex information to the business and key stakeholders. In addition, this information is sometimes unwelcome or perceived in a negative light. The aim of the programme was to enable participants to deliver succinct, powerful, impactful and influential presentations.

The Solution

Key Steps custom crafted a niche highly experiential programme to show the teams how to plan the structure of ANY presentation in 10 minutes, support their message with powerful examples and engage in relevant storytelling, avoid death by PowerPoint, overcome stage fright, communicate with impact and present confidently to get their point across and remembered! Winning presentations are one of the most priceless business tools. Our core aim was to practically work with the teams to show them how to really get them.

5 Stars

Instrumental in helping me improve my skills!

Attending Sharon’s training was an incredible experience. She is so professional and managed to keep us all engaged throughout. I absolutely loved the supportive group dynamic and the valuable feedback provided by Sharon. It was instrumental in helping me improve my skills. The course was packed with tips and techniques for creating impactful PowerPoint presentations. The emphasis on practice was reinforced through the training and made such a difference. Overall, it was a highly valuable experience.

Mellanie Petersen, Marketing, Communication and Product Development Manager, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Nothing short of phenomenal and life changing!

Attending this training was nothing short of phenomenal and life changing. It is a must-do that I highly recommend to anyone seeking personal and professional growth. The experience was so empowering and provided real-life learning experiences. I gained valuable techniques to capture the audience’s attention and deliver concise presentations in a limited time frame. Sharon, our coach, was absolutely amazing. Her professionalism, open-mindedness and vast knowledge were evident throughout the training. She has an incredible ability to capture and keep the audience’s attention and create a positive learning environment. Her feedback was great, and I felt supported in my learning journey.

Nomagugu Nxumalo, Retail Sales Manager: Passenger Cars, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Felt inspired and empowered with valuable insights for impactful communication!

This session was fantastic, authentic and direct. It provided practical examples that brought relevant information to the fore. The delivery was so engaging and effective, leaving a lasting impact. We all felt very inspired and empowered with valuable insights and practical guidance to communicate more powerfully and impactfully. Thank you, Sharon.

Catherine Aucamp, General Manager Sales Controlling MBC, MBSA

The Results

The improvement between the participants pre- and post-presentations (that were recorded for ongoing learning purposes) was remarkable.

The slides were cleaner, the purpose and core messages were articulated much more clearly, the verbal and non-verbal do’s and don’ts were integrated. But the biggest gain was by far in audience engagement. They were able to turn rather boring messages into a story that engaged the audience and aided buy-in.
Leaders of the teams have commented that the presentations are like night and day.

The Feedback

Across 52 survey responses, the learning experience is rated extremely favourably.


Facilitator’s knowledge


Content relevant and practical


Engaging climate of participation


Facilitators presentation style


Felt confident to build more powerful and impactful presentations


By implementing the tools and techniques learnt, clients said their presentations were like “night” and “day”.


Taught strategies for handling complex information reshaped thinking and message packaging significantly.


Impactful storytelling mastery became attainable. What initially seemed “too frivolous” for business became a remarkably powerful tool through practical implementation.


Presentations were 100% more engaging than they were before the training.


We walked away with a powerful toolkit we can put into practice!

This training was so informative and engaging. I got such benefit learning how to structure my presentations effectively. The content shared was practical and Sharon was so knowledgeable. I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Sharon for sharing her immense knowledge and the way she added value by supporting us to apply what we were learning. This was such an enriching and valuable experience. We walk away with a powerful toolkit we can put into practice. All our managers should attend.

Sanvir George

Dealer Network Manager, MBSA