Atlas Copco

How we worked with Atlas Copco and Rand-Air to embrace diversity and inclusion and develop "Future-Fit Females"

South Africa

10-module programme over 10-months

29 Delegates

In-Person and Virtual

98% Exceeded Expectations

The Challenge

To successfully navigate the business landscape of the future, companies need to continuously adopt new strategies to ensure they are ‘future-fit’: enabling diversity, inclusion, resilience, agility, sustainability and longevity.

Atlas Copco established an audacious global group target to have 30% female leadership by 2030. To help meet that target locally, the company knew they needed to embark on a process of growing and developing their junior to middle female talent who have shown that they have the potential to grow within the managerial structures of the organisation.

The Solution

The solution was a niche intensive leadership development intervention developed by Key Steps called “Future-Fit Females.” The aim was to empower these exceptional female leaders both personally and professionally. The intervention took 10-months to complete and was designed to achieve deep transformation. A broad-spectrum of leadership skills were gained, including emotional intelligence, professional business writing, presentation skills, effective communication, conflict management, problem-solving, negotiation and more. Each participant also completed a pre- and post-assessment (Bar-On EQ-i®) to determine their emotional quotient and received individual coaching with Dr Sharon.

5 Stars

Benefitted me more than I can explain and changed my life!

I have worked with Sharon as a leadership coach and emotional intelligence expert for 12 years. It has benefitted me more than I can explain and changed my life in a big way. The combination of training and coaching has been invaluable to my personal and career success and journey to HR Manager. I am so grateful that we have a facilitator and coach of your calibre that we can count on to always support us. Our Future-Fit Female Programme you deliver for us is an integral part of our employee’s success and significantly shifts the EQ of all that attend. Whenever someone is ‘written off’ as impossible to develop, you have a way of turning things around. We continually feel the benefits of working with you. Thank you for the magic you bring to Atlas Copco.

Marilyn Govender, HR Manager, Atlas Copco

My manager can see the results - I’ve just been promoted!

Fantastic facilitation Sharon, thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us so that we can practically apply what we learn. I found the sessions with you to be empowering and engaging. I’ve loved working with you and found our one-on-one coaching deeply life changing. My manager has really been able to see the results and so can everyone close to me. I’m excited to let you know that I’ve just been promoted and am moving to our Delmar office in New York.

Candice Wilson, Marketing and Communications North and South America

Your masterclasses are well-received and making such a difference!

You are one of the best speakers, facilitators and coaches I’ve worked with. Your masterclasses on emotional intelligence and your Future-Fit Female programme are being so well received and making such a difference. We really appreciate all you do for our people and business. Thank you.

Brandon Oelofse, Regional General Manager Sub Saharan Africa, Atlas Copco

Will continually apply what I learnt in my daily life to live purposefully!

Thank you for great learning sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed this programme and derived great value from it both in my personal and work life. It is something that I will continually apply in my daily life to live purposefully. I’ve got this!

Chantal Bekker, Sales Consultant, Rand-Air

The Results

The feedback across participants and their managers has been exceptional.

Emotional intelligence notably increased and transformed the way participants lead and live. The results showed themselves in the final EQ scores as well as the quality of the group final presentations. Many participants and managers were moved to tears as they reflected on the huge growth achieved.

The Feedback

Across 29 survey responses, over multiple groups of leaders, the learning experience has exceptional ratings. The business was proud to publish numerous articles about the programme:


Facilitator’s knowledge


Content relevant and practical


Engaging climate of participation




Statistically significant increase in EQ.


98% of delegates said it was life-changing.


Managers could see a marked change in individuals.


Numerous participants were promoted, some advancing from sales reps to General Managers and Vice Presidents.


The sense of womanhood during our sessions has been phenomenal!

Future-Fit-Female has taught me so much about myself, it has made me understand why I operate the way that I do. In addition to learning about myself, I have also learnt how to understand and more effectively collaborate with others. Being part of this programme has allowed me to meet other women within the workplace in which it is a safe space to be vulnerable. The sense of womanhood during our sessions has been phenomenal. Dr Sharon is an exceptional woman, facilitator and coach. I really appreciate the business giving us the best.

Michaela Kock​s

Internal Sales Consultant at Rand Air