Customised Sales Seminar

 We couldn’t have hoped for a better presentation!  Thank you for being flexible and changing the content to suit the questions that came up and the needs of our team.  I look forward to working with you in the New Year to arrange full workshops across the country.

— Herman Moolman, National Training & Development Director, UTi —

Captivate Your Customer

 This is not the average customer service workshop… it offered me more than I expected! I was able to do a lot of self-reflection, and received important, practical, often overlooked pointers I can implement and practice immediately. The name “Key Steps” is very relevant – I love it!

— René Benade, HR – Employee Operations Consultant, Siemens —

Powerful Presentations

 This is one of the most valuable sessions I have attended in years. Well worth my time; wish I had attended it years ago. Thank you Sharon.

— Dave Thayser, Director, Ernst & Young —

Everyone Can Sell

Thank you again for a very informative, interactive and brilliant workshop. My team is so motivated this morning and it feels great.

— Madalein Roos, Call Centre Manager, Siemens —

Customised Sales & Service Workshop

Thoroughly enjoyed the sessions – very interactive and kept the audience involved at all times.

— Susan King, Senior Sales Executive, UCS Solutions —

Negotiate Your Way Too Success

Sharon’s facilitation skills are excellent and the programme content extremely valuable. It was also great that we put theory into practise immediately. I realised that I do not prepare enough. I am now going to take Key Steps to be the difference that makes the difference.

— Noluthando Ngambu, Manager Small Enterprise, Standard Bank —


To be honest, I did not want to attend this training. For the first three modules, as you know, I was quite resistant but thankfully, you opened my eyes. I now wish that the courses came earlier in my life because it has helped me so much. This workshop has changed my life.

— Etienne Leygonie, Technician, Barloworld —


I enrolled on this programme to see if I considered it should be part of the Sales Academy at Barloworld. I have been on a few EQ training courses before but never experienced the same outcomes. This forces you to look at yourself as well as those around you and to learn continuously about how you impact others. I am delighted with the programme and REALLY enjoyed it and benefitted from it – more than any other that I have attended. The return on investment is more than I could have hoped for. Thank you Sharon – you are a true gem.

— Helen Wilson, Project Facilitator, Barloworld Equipment —

All Workshops

Sharon, you have given the essence of some great conversations and solutions going forward. Thanks for all your tremendous knowledge and wisdom that you share so freely with our business and people. This truly sets you apart.

— Liesl Diesel, Group Leadership Development Manager, Barloworld Equipment —


This workshop exceeded all expectations I had. From subject knowledge, to preparation, presentation style and relevance, I’d rate everything 10 out of 10. Discovering my potential was the best thing about this workshop. And if this feedback sounds like I am brownnosing, I’m not, it really was that good. I now have the confidence to go out and make a difference – watch this space! Thanks Sharon.

— Graham Wood, Quality Manager, Bateman —

Negotiate Your Way To Success

I gained a lot of practical negotiation tools that directly relate to extracting more value personally and for the business. Thank you Sharon. This great workshop added tons of value almost immediately.

— Peral Venkatraman, Product Manager – Business Banking, Standard Bank —

Assertive & Constructive Communication

Sharon, you are an extremely gifted trainer – I have found you to be the most professional, engaging and adaptive trainer I have encountered. The Communication Skills, Assertiveness and Stress Management sessions you run are always so relevant, absorbing and enjoyable. Everyone left feeling motivated and primed to use the skills and tools. Your training is of the highest caliber and I would recommend you to any organisation looking for quality, person-focused training. In my job I deal with irate customers so I really appreciate all your extra time and effort, and the GREAT JOB you did for me. I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that I think you are TERRIFIC!

— Mark James, Call Centre Agent, Discovery Health —

Performance Management & Coaching

Thank you so very much for delivering an excellent programme. The feedback we have received to date support the effectiveness of this programme; personally and professionally for individuals. We have collated the course evaluations from the pilot and will let you have copies of these. We look forward to the rollout of these programmes and the continued successful partnership.

— Chrystal Christian, General Manager: HR Development and Training, BMW South Africa —

Powerful Presentations

This is an excellent course with a dynamic presenter. I never thought that I would walk out of here with all the answers to the challenges I had with presentations. The best thing is that it wasn’t just theory – this course offers practical ways to overcome issues. Thank you.

— Donovan Abrahams, GM of Strategy, Mc Cain Foods —

Newsletter Feedback

I would like to thank you for these new letters every week, they are truly motivating and since our training session a few months ago. I really feel as I have evolved as a person and have a new perspective on everything. You are truly and inspiration, keep up the great work.

— Moreida Ishmail, Sales Secretary, Kraft Foods —

Report Writing

I wanted to let you know that I have had wonderful feedback from the team regarding the training. They are all raving about your session and found the training very useful. I am hoping that I can convince the “powers that be” to allow us to run another course before the end of the year, as I am sure many more of our staff could benefit.

— Faye Drew, Head; Investment Banking Credit, Standard Bank —

Visionary Leadership

Thanks for the training and all your support emails, Sharon. You’ll not understand the impact these messages have, not only my work life but life in general. I believe the tools you provide are exactly what we all need to realise our dreams of becoming visionaries. Thank you once again, I’m becoming a changed person and am always encouraged as I go through your mails and continue to put them into practice.

— Enoch Dipela, Risk Officer, Fraser Alexander —

All Workshops

I have been in the industry for a very long time and Sharon is the best Business Skills trainer I know. She is always friendly and highly professional. And is always willing to go the extra mile with passion and creativity. Sharon is an inspiration to others in the way she assists people to unlock their true potential. I would whole heartedly recommend Sharon to anyone serious about growth and development.

— Ronel Bornman, Manager, Next Gen —

Visionary Leadership

I have learnt a lot about the approach and use of language towards people I am working with, I really wish everyone could get a chance to learn what I’ve learnt. Thank you for everything.

— David Mahlo, Shift Supervisor, Fraser Alexander —


Thank you so much for switching-on a light in my life. I thought nobody would ever be able to assist me lose my fear of presenting to and talking to new people. But you did! I really am the best me through EQ.

— Barry Scholtz, Caterpillar Certified Professional Salesman, Barloworld Equipment —


EQ has been an emotional journey for me. It has equipped me with the skills to nurture and nourish relationships that matter most to me and helped me to change my limiting beliefs. It boosted my confidence personally, socially, career-wise and otherwise. I know that my success depends on my whole, general psychological wellbeing. Thank you for the platform to be truly open with this group and be the difference that makes the difference. It was magnificent. You are the BEST!

— Mamosa Moletsane, SAP, Barloworld Equipment —


This is by far, the best training initiative for personal and professional growth I have ever attended. Everyone should attend it! Thank you Sharon.

— Zayne Watson, Caterpillar Certified Professional Salesman, Barloworld Equipment —


This was a life-changing journey. I will be the difference that makes the difference. Thank you Sharon.

— Tshepo Komane, Training Coordinator, PFG Building Glass —

Customised Workshop – “Resetting Your Reality @ Reef”

TI am having SUCH a great day today! I have had really constructive, honest, exciting feedback from our team. The management team has also had a subsequent chat about their sharing. We feel empowered and want to have bi-monthly or monthly meetings using the workshop groups. Thank you for bringing out all the information and feelings we needed to share to help us trust ourselves and move forward positively. This workshop has been given us more than we could’ve hoped for. I am REALLY looking forward to meeting with you about the feedback you gathered to help us all ‘be the difference that makes the difference’.

— Karen Russell, Director, Reef Insurance —

Powerful Presentations

This was so practical and relevant. I really enjoyed the opportunity to practice the skills we learnt and the involvement of all participants. Brilliant! Thank you.

— Graham Sandilands, Sales Manager, Bayer —


Sharon thanks for this course and for always sharing and getting us to open up. It’s challenged what I value most and has opened up doors to things I never thought of before. Thanks for bringing out, or helping us bring out the best in us. I’ll treasure this forever.

— Landile Kubheka, Caterpillar Certified Professional Salesman, Barloworld Equipment —

Customised Visionary Leadership through EQ

Thank you for a wonderful seminar. I have conducted an “unofficial debriefing session” and the feedback is that it was a fabulous session that added immense value.

— Charles Jele, HR, National Empowerment Fund —

Assertive & Constructive Communication

Attending this workshop was a big eye opener for me. I realised so many things, especially the importance of body language. I’ve started to notice a lot of body language being used instead of verbal communication in the office and at home as well. I am also practicing saying “NO” and it’s still not easy so I will keep on trying till I get it right. Thank you for everything.

— Bongiwe Shiba, Barloworld Equipment —

Teambuilding Breakfast Seminar

I rarely rate a facilitator 10 out of 10… this time it was easy. Thanks for your passion and for giving me an awesome day with my team!

— Prega Naina, BFC Head, Standard Bank —

Customised Communication Presentation

Thank you for a FABULOUS presentation – it was right on the money. I have received very positive responses from my team.

— Viloshini Pillay, Financial Director, Kaefer Thermal Contracting Services (Pty) Ltd Customised —


This was a truly brilliant course! It’s so great to have a better understanding of myself and know what my strengths are and where I need to develop. Thank you Sharon.

— Pieter Jordaan, Regional Manager, Bateman —

Everyones’ in Sales

This training was exceptional and exactly what my team needed. Thank you for helping us “be the difference that makes the difference” and convert enquiries into sales.

— Mariska Maas, Branch Manager, Flight Centre —

Visionary Leadership through EQ

This workshop moved me from unknown to the known. It was so worthwhile, not to be missed by any leader or person working towards leadership. Sharon was very good. She gave each of us a chance to express ourselves and participate throughout.

— Winny Nyelete, OD Specialist, Fraser Alexander Bulk Mech, Lydenburg —

Assertive & Constructive Communication

Sharon, as always, I had a great time. I love your training style. I have much to learn from you.

— Candice Smith, Trainer, Bidvest Group, Caterplus —

Professional Report Writing

You are amazing! I have never been on a course where the trainer shows so much interest and encouragement during and after the course. Normally when you leave the training room you never hear from anyone again until they want to run their next course. Thanks for the support.

— Glenda Bukes, Relocations Consultant | FACTS, Ernst & Young Durban —

Visionary Leadership through EQ

The course was very enriching. I feel more confident to be a manager and especially a “leader”. I know how to go forward thanks to this brilliant workshop.

— Nishana Moodley, Quality Manager, BASF —

Set & Achieve Goals

This course was really valuable – everything came together like a jigsaw puzzle and it was great to immediately apply the knowledge gained. Thank you for a wonderful course. I am definitely going to send all my team members on it.

— Hannes Wilke, SAP Manager, Barloworld Equipment —

Captivate Your Customer

Thank you again for a very informative, interactive and brilliant workshop. My team is so motivated this morning and it feels great.

— Madalein Roos, Call Centre Manager, Siemens —

Captivate Your Customer

Thank you for a brilliant workshop. There was a good mixture of group work and individual coaching. I gained valuable tools to unleash my team’s potential. It was great to see the team’s reactions after the training… it’s always the best way to see the quality of the training. Thank you.

— John De-Haan, Project Manager – Operational Excellence, Siemens —

Captivate Your Customer

This really was something different. It has a way of changing and influencing you as a person – from the inside. I know that I have not just gained knowledge for the workplace but have actually gathered valuable nuggets for my personal life. I related well to Sharon… Gentle, practical, caring and an excellent facilitator.

— Michelle Joubert, Recruitment, Siemens —

Visionary Leadership

This was brilliant! I was able to “get out the box” and become more aware. The best thing about this workshop was realizing my potential to be great. Thank you for opening my eyes and inspiring me Sharon. You are a GREAT leader.

— Estelle le Roux, Corporate Finance, Siemens —

Visionary Leadership

I’ve learnt how important people skills are, discovered my vision and purpose and feel so motivated. Thank you so much, this course has really opened my eyes and it is as if the penny just dropped!

— Yvette Gouvea, Call Centre Manager, Barloworld Handling —

Business Writing Skills

I am leaving this workshop with a clear vision regarding where I need to improve my writing skills. I will strive to be more aware of my target audience and be clear, concise and constructive. The proofreading tips will be very useful. Thank you.  

— Nthato Makhubo, Product Advisor, National Empowerment Fund —

Effective Time Management

Thank you Sharon! I will be able to plan my weeks better and now know how important it is to spend time with myself too.

— Esmeri Smit, Creditors, Fraser Alexander Bulk Mech —

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