June 9, 2014

Have you realised the miracle of the mistake?

The miracle of the mistake! If you have attended one of my workshops and been on the receiving end of my feedback, you will know that I have developed a way of being able to highlight mistakes in the classroom […]
June 2, 2014

Have you met your inner-champion and mentor?

Have you met your inner champion and mentor? I am sure you have. Most of us have heard that inner voice that is our champion and mentor, it has probably just been drowned out by the inner-critic. I hope that […]
May 27, 2014

I put the cart before the horse…

I put the cart before the horse… Last week I challenged you to silence your inner critic by realising that being hard on yourself isn’t the most effective way to grow and improve yourself. Furthermore, when you criticise yourself, you […]
May 21, 2014

Silence that inner-critic… I dare you!

Silence that inner-critic… I dare you! Many of us were raised to believe that acknowledging our strengths and being proud of our achievements was arrogant and the quickest way to success was to be hard on yourself. Furthermore, we were […]
May 13, 2014

Are you courageous enough to be vulnerable at home?

Are you courageous enough to be vulnerable? Last week we explored ways that you can be vulnerable – and, therefore, fully human and connected. The coaching tips were focused on work related examples (although if you look back at the […]

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