Masterclasses for Emotionally Intelligent and Future-Fit Leaders

Enhance your leadership potential with Key Steps’ powerful learning pathway. In today’s demanding landscape, leaders must possess core human skills and future-fit competencies. Our holistic approach to leadership development prioritises deep personal transformation while recognising the systemic nature of leadership.

A truly transformative leadership development experience

With more than 25 years’ experience developing leadership capacity in holistic and sustainable ways, we’ve become our client’s go-to for customised leadership development initiatives.

Key Steps takes leaders on a journey of true transformation that is scientifically proven to positively impact individual, teams, business outcomes and bottom-line.

Gained new insights

Exceeded expectations

Saw immediate changes

Overall programme rating

Increased EQ score


Changed the way I lead, manage and live!

Working with you has changed my life. It has changed the way I lead, the way I manage and the way I live! I am able to get the best out of my team and communicate with them like I never could before. Thank you for everything. I often find myself quoting you and looking back through our journey and all my notes for the Key Steps we took to assist me. You are such a blessing and inspiration Sharon.

Orietta van Wyk

Transform your leadership through customised, blended learning

Key Steps blends various learning modalities, tools, techniques, coaching and assessments to create a unique learning journey that focuses on increasing emotional intelligence and developing future-fit leadership skills.

All learning pathways are custom crafted and incorporate current neuroscience ensuring that we don’t only work at a skill development level but at a reprogramming level too. This includes the AGES Model – a cohesive structure for making learning stick, consisting of Attention, Generation, Emotion and Spacing.

The highest compliment we consistently get from our clients…

“It is impossible to multitask during your sessions as they are just so engaging.”

Our blended approach keep people engaged and empowers leaders to forge connections, develop new neural pathways and integrate new learnings.

We leverage the power of emotions and take a spaced learning approach, allowing time for reflection, application and integration. The practical assignments between masterclasses also drive outcomes and boost ROI.

The "cross-fit" equivalent of leadership and EQ development!

Key Steps is the “cross fit” equivalent of leadership and EQ development. I attended masterclasses by Dr Sharon and was blown away. She was absolutely brilliant. Her sessions are interactive, professionally hosted and executed proficiently. I’ve gained tools to equip me for a lifetime. Super impressed and an instant fan of your work, Sharon!

Jeetesh Mistry, Agile Portfolio Manager, Standard Bank

So practical and engaging!

Thank you for the wonderful work you have done for us. Our leaders benefitted so much from the programme and enjoyed the time with you. Many had no idea how you would be able to keep their attention for so long, but they need not have worried – they found your sessions so practical and engaging. We hope to have you back in Lebanon again soon.

Salah Medawar, Chief Commercial Officer, i engineering Group

Such a life-changing journey!

Where do I start? This has been such a life-changing journey. A journey that brought me to a place I never imagined I would be… a place of forgiveness. This journey has taught me to reflect on where I have been and where I am now. I cannot rewrite my story or life, but I have made the choice to make this a brand-new start on an old path. I can’t thank you enough. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Sarah, Manager, Barloworld

Brilliant programme!

This was a truly brilliant programme! It’s so great to have a better understanding of myself and know what my strengths are and where I need to develop. Sharon, thank you. I am going to put my entire team through it.

Pieter Jordaan, Group Sales Director, AVK Valves

This workshop has totally changed my life.

To be honest, I did not want to attend this training. For the first three classes, as you know, I was quite resistant but thankfully, you opened my eyes. I now wish that the courses came earlier in my life because it has helped me so much. This workshop has totally changed my life.

Etienne Leygonie, Technician, Barloworld

Just what I needed, exactly when I needed it!

Sharon, you just keep growing and become more amazing every time we meet. This was, as usual, just what I needed exactly when I needed it – like most of your Monday morning coaching emails. Thank you for all the value you bring!

Erika Janse van Rensburg, Training Coordinator, PFG Building Glass

I still value those lessons and use them everyday!

I still remember those modules you did with us. I want you to know that I did follow the path of my goals that I had committed to during the programme and am now in Turkey doing my Masters in Mechanical Engineering majoring in mechatronics. I still value those lessons and use them everyday.

Henry Mupeta, After Sales Service, Barloworld Equipment, Zambia

Why work with us?

High-impact masterclasses

Relevant, practical content designed for high growth. Delivered by the leading expert in leadership development and emotional intelligence.

Live online classes

Leaders can’t wait for the next class and describe them as phenomenal, mind-blowing, engaging and practical. Max of 25 learners preferred. 2.5 hour classes spaced approximately 2 to 3 weeks apart.

World-class facilitator

Dr Sharon has 25 years’ experience, a proven track record developing leaders, diverse skill-set (including psychology, coaching, NLP and more) and a deep passion for her work.

Measurable behaviour change

Track attendance, feedback and impact in real-time. Highlight growth through pre and post-EQi-assessments, tasks between classes and 360 reviews.

Content tailoring

Work with our Learning Experience Team to develop custom learning pathways for maximum impact.

Customer success team

Your training rollout is managed from start to finish by our customer success teams who support you every step of the way.


You gave me my life back!

I really didn’t think I was up for it… But at one of the worst times in my life, I attended the best course of my life! Everything has changed. I can’t thank you enough Sharon. You not only made me a better leader, but you gave me my life back.

Nadia Snyman

What Key Steps will you take?

Embark on a 10-step journey towards Emotionally Intelligent Future-Fit Leadership through our comprehensive, blended learning pathways. This programme welcomes leaders of all levels, encouraging same-level leaders to join the same cohort for optimal impact.

This programme includes:

Ten 2.5 hour live, online masterclasses.

Virtual learning environment.

Asynchronous and synchronous learning.

Online learning material, tools and cheat sheets.

Application tasks and journaling between classes.

2 – 3 week duration between classes.

5 – 9 month programme duration.

Harness the Power of Emotionally Intelligent Adaptive Leadership

Lead Self, Others and Meetings through Challenging Times

Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Paradigms to Transform Culture

Communicate with Impact and Build Relationships

Manage Conflict and Make Hard Conversations Easier

Manage Time, Priorities and Emotions to Achieve Alignment and Targets

Adopt the Approach of a Coach to Build a High-Performing Collaborative Team

Solve Problems Proactively and Innovatively to Make Effective Decisions

Negotiate and Influence Your Way to Success through Emotional Intelligence

Champion Change and Sustain Your EQ Leadership Growth to Remain Future Fit

Gain increased emotional intelligence and performance.

Gain the ability to thrive during stressful and challenging times.

Learn tools to build collaborative high performing teams.

Learn ways to make hard conversations easier.

Learn techniques to adopt the approach of a coach to optimise engagement.

Learn strategies to manage relationships, stakeholders and business outcomes.

Change the way you work, live and lead.

Learn. Apply. Transform

Dr Sharon King Gabrielides’ renowned framework for holistic and sustainable personal leadership development has been published in the International Journal of Management and Business by Rutgers University as is deemed the gold standard in leadership development as it enables deep and lasting transformation for individuals and organisations.


Never seen leadership developed this way!

You are doing great work for us. In all my years, I have never seen leadership developed in this way. It is so practical and integrated and really makes a difference. The people who have attended so far can’t stop talking about the programme and we are seeing the benefits. We look forward to our continued partnership with you.

Dawie Mostert

Measuring effectiveness

To assess and measure the effectiveness of our interventions, you can consider using both quantitative and qualitative measures, such as:

Manager survey of candidates pre and post-intervention.

Relevant psychometric assessments such as the Bar-On EQ-i2.0.

Client surveys pre and post-intervention.

Review of candidate’s assignments between modules.

Final action learning project presentations at the end of the programme to demonstrate competence.

Candidates’ self-reflective journaling and self-evaluation of programme effectiveness.

Any other business indicators that can be obtained and measured pre- and post-intervention, such as: Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and so on.


This journey has been life changing for me!

This journey has been life changing for me. The personal and professional growth has been enormous. I’ve been promoted twice since attending the programme and reached a very senior position. This would not have happened without the development and skills I acquired during this programme. One of the primary differences between this and other training courses is the facilitator. Sharon is the difference that makes the difference.

Linda Brown



Yes, we do. This is our speciality and we thrive on being able to craft solutions that meet your exact needs. We would look forward to talking to you to see how we can support your team to take the right Key Steps to… ‘be the difference that makes the difference’.


When someone has enrolled in this particular programme all 10 classes are compulsory. However, should we customise a bespoke intervention for you, we will explore and agree on the structure and potentially have some classes that are elective.


We recommend no less than 8 participants and no more than 25 participants. This allows for better learning during the session as everyone is able to take part and engage experientially.


All our courses are NQF-aligned and we are Services SETA accredited (#2257). This programme is not a formal qualification though.


We take a blended approach to learning (including synchronous and a-synchronous components) to create learning pathways that get sustainable results. This programme can be delivered virtually or in-person. Hybrid is not ideal as there is so much group and breakout room work. Please chat to us about your specific needs and we will be happy to recommend the best format for optimal results.


All our interventions have follow-up resources (provided digitally) that are extensive and have lifetime availability. We also offer an array of support services such as executive coaching.


Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for more information.


You can email or call +27 11 615 4244 to enquire and book our programmes. We look forward to hearing from you.