Last time, we explored four Key Steps that we can take to make 2022 great. You can look back on them here. In summary, the steps are:

Knowledge – what would you like to learn/unlearn?
Energy – what drains or gives you energy?
Yes – say “yes” and “no” with greater awareness so you create a life you don’t want to escape from. Lastly…
Surrender – the ability to accept what we cannot control and to control what we can.

What Key Steps have you taken? How are you feeling about them? I’d love to hear from you. This week we are going to add on the remaining letters in the acronym KEY STEPS so we can continue to…

‘be the difference that makes the difference.’

  1. T = Time. I recommend eliminating the phrase “make time” from your vocab because no-one can make time. What you can do is choose how you spend your time and choose what you “take time” to do. Time is one area where life is very fair. No matter where you live, how much money you earn or who you are, if you were blessed to wake up this morning, you were gifted 1440 life units. I like to think of each minute  of our life as a precious life unit. What did you choose to do with yours? Was it a conscious choice? How well did you plan and prioritise, so you don’t waste your most precious resource?
    In my experience, too few really optimise the use of their time and, inevitably, waste so much of their life. Too much time is spent waiting, procrastinating, avoiding, overworking, being at the mercy of others and so on. I’d recommend making at least one appointment in your diary with yourself each week just to do nothing. Yes, that wasn’t a typo. It’s about creating space and having time with yourself to enable you to live your best life.
  2. E = Enjoy. What really deeply brings you joy? This might be linked to the previous E = Energy, so go back and take a look at your previous reflections. Do you do enough of what brings you joy and gives you energy? If not, why not? What can you do about it? I’ve felt the draining effects of Covid “Groundhog Day,” and I am feeling very excited that this “winter” of our life seems to have passed and spring is here. I can finally get to a movie again, connect in-person with colleagues and friends, do more entertaining, visit restaurants and so on… these are just a few of the things that bring fun, joy and colour to my life. I’ll never take going to a movie for granted again!
  3. P = Purpose. Here, I am not talking about your life purpose. Although, if you haven’t yet discovered (or reinvented) your purpose, this is a great way to have a successful 2022. What I do have in mind here is making sure that you walk through 2022 “on purpose” and focus your energy where it really matters. Part of being on purpose is being mindful and present. How present are you? How will you know when you aren’t? Mila very quickly calls me out when I am on purpose. I also have to watch out that I don’t get sucked into mindless scrolling on social media and get off purpose. Checking emails at the wrong time is something else I need to guard against. This year, I really want to be much more purposeful in my personal life too, which brings me to…
  4. S = Surround. Who and what do you surround yourself with? I need more nature, more time outside of my home and more human connection. I think many of us do. My work doesn’t really lend itself to me working outdoors but maybe yours does? I have been taking Mila across to the park and for more walks lately. And, we will be visiting our daughter in Stellenbosch a lot this year… I can’t wait to be surrounded by Cape Town!

    In terms of people, I have already had one lunch and one dinner with two awesome groups of colleagues and it’s only January. They are the kind of people who have my back, genuinely want to support me, are excited about my successes and will not shy away from tearing my ideas apart when needed. They are what I call fierce friends. I’m really blessed to be surrounded by this incredible tribe. Who do you surround yourself with and allow to be in your front row of your life? Choose wisely!

I’d love to know what Key Steps you are taking to make 2022 great. What do you plan to STOP, START or CONTINUE?
Please share and together we can…

‘be the difference that makes the difference.’


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Dr Sharon King Gabrielides

About Dr Sharon King Gabrielides

Sharon is a dynamic facilitator, speaker and executive coach with over 20 years’ experience in leadership and organisational development and transformation. She is a registered Education, Training and Development Practitioner (ETDP), holds an Honours degree in Psychology and practices as an NLP master practitioner. She is also one of only three women in South Africa to hold the title of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) – it’s the Oscar of the speaking business.

Sharon’s PhD thesis contributed a framework for holistic and sustainable leadership development that has been published by Rutgers University in the USA. She is faculty of Henley Business School and highly sought-after by leading corporates because she works hand-in-hand with them to create sustainable results and long-term success. Sharon has become known for her practical approach, useful tools and genuinely caring manner. She is really looking forward to working with you and taking Key Steps to ‘be the difference that makes the difference.’