Beat the back to reality blues

On Saturday, I landed back from the most AMAZING holiday with my family. We planned it for over a year and my husband and I went small on our honeymoon (we got married on 11 March) so we could go big when the kids were with us. Our nearest and dearest have been affectionately calling it our family honeymoon. So, you can imagine what a special time it was spending three weeks enjoying New York, Miami, Florida Keys and Orlando together. We are all Harry Potter fans so the new attraction, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, was one we had looked forward to for months and now… it is back to reality. I’m sure you know that feeling all too well and have had the post-holiday blues too (you might even feel it on a Monday after a long weekend). So, I thought I would help myself this morning and help you to take Key Steps to…

Embrace reality

  1. Have something nice arranged when you get back. When getting home, my husband and I feel it worse than most because our three kids (actually my step-kids but I think of them as my own) go straight to their mom after having been away from her for so long. This leave us getting back to reality… alone. A recipe for real blues for us. So, we have learnt to plan something nice for the two of us. Like PJs and DVDs or a nice massage or a big lunch with our friends if we are up for it. It can be anything that gives you something to look forward to when you get home from your holiday.
  2. Create a buffer. Instead of arriving home on Sunday, we made sure we were back by Saturday to give us enough time to recover and reconnect with home before work starts. Some trips, as soon as we land, one of us has to go straight to work though. If that is the case, then we both jump straight back on the horse so one of us isn’t left alone at home.
  3. Plan ahead. When going away I always make sure that I get all my filing up-to-date, finalise all training material and custom work for the programmes running two weeks after I return, clean my office, stock my freezer and write my weekly blogs in advance (like I did this one). It takes the immediate pressure off because you didn’t just plan your break, you planned your return.
  4. Prioritise the workload. You’ll need to bring out all your time and priority management skills and be able to say NO to the unnecessary so you can get through the really vital tasks first and not get overwhelmed just wading through email or trying to do everything at once. The last two points are ones I can really help you with, book on our Time and Stress Management workshop and I’ll show you how to take Key Steps that will help you any time of year to…

“be the difference that makes the difference

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