Seven Deadly Sins

Last week we explored the fact that “Negotiation is the process that takes place EVERYTIME we want something from someone who wants something from us”. Because we negotiate on a daily basis with ourselves and others, I shared the Seven Secrets of Master Negotiators. Now for the flip-side.

Learning to identify and overcome mistakes will dramatically improve the success of your negotiations. If something did not work out as you intended, there are many ways to increase your influence and master the art of negotiation. Let’s take Key Steps this week to…

Learn from Our Mistakes

  1. Talking too much
  2. Being vague and unrealistic (unrealistic outcomes can also put too much pressure on you)
  3. Being over eager or – worse – being desperate
  4. Missing signals
  5. Interrupting proposals made by the other
  6. Giving instead of trading
  7. Letting your ego get in the way and arguing a WIN

To understand what your BANTA is, actively work on your listening skills, gain rapport building strategies and learn the secrets of master communicators and negotiators, contact Tiffany for more information and book one of our public workshops listed below. NOTE: We are running a special… Book now for three delegates and the fourth attends FREE OF CHARGE! Keeping you taking Key Steps to

“be the difference that makes the difference