Wouldn’t you agree that it is often easier to praise others for their hard work, dedication and achievements and when we have done something extraordinary, we often shy away from telling people about it? Perhaps because we don’t want to sound boastful or like we are blowing our own trumpet? I can relate to this…

I have recently been awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation (CSP). It is the highest international recognition a speaker can obtain and I wasn’t going to tell you. But after much thought and a whole lot of persuasion from numerous colleagues who couldn’t believe that I hadn’t told my valued customers this significant piece of news, I agreed to share my story with you and to say a BIG thank you for being part of my journey
 🙂 . Without you, I would have no reason to speak.

This week I am taking Key Steps to be proud of what I have achieved and to encourage you to do the same…

My journey to achieving my CSP

1.I pursued the CSP because I felt I owed it to myself, my clients and my industry. 

I call it a journey because there were many criteria to meet, much admin to submit, testimonials to record and assessments of my skills that had to happen. A CSP is the most sought after and visible measure of professionalism in the speaking business internationally so obtaining it is no easy feat. In 2011, inspired by Paul du Toit and the late Annie Greef who kept telling me that we need more women CSP’s in South Africa, I applied. Annie was the only female speaker in SA to hold this designation for many years. Sadly, she passed away last year but will live on forever as a shining example to women speakers in South Africa. It is an honour to join her in achieving this designation.

For me, life is journey of ‘Key Steps’ to learning, growing and being the BEST you can be. Attaining my CSP is a mark of my passion, my values and how blessed I am to work with fantastic clients, doing work I love every day. The CSP has been another Key Step in my development as a speaker and facilitator.

I did not embark on it expecting any specific impact on my business, other than to honour my current clients for choosing to work with me for so many years, but I know it will definitely lead to more people trusting me to support them to take Key Steps to… “be the difference that makes the difference” and that makes every step worthwhile.

2.What do you owe to yourself, your family, your clients and your industry?

What skills, talents, achievements or abilities do you shy away from sharing? Where do you hide your ‘light’ from others because you simple haven’t acknowledged how significant your achievements are or – if you have – you are worried you’ll come across as boastful. Where do you downplay your strengths and not allow others to really appreciate or benefit from your achievements? I often hear mothers who ‘turn cartwheels’ for their family saying, “Oh, it’s nothing, it is my job as a mother”. To which I respond, “Not all mother’s do what you do and you should be proud of how well you take care of your family. Step into the compliment, don’t shy away from it. You deserve it.” Today, my wish for you is that you will acknowledge how brilliant, talented and magnificent you are and ‘shine your light’… it gives others permission to shine theirs too and…

“be the difference that makes the difference