March 12, 2012

Is positive thinking wearing you out?

No matter what happens to us in life we tend to think of it as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. And most of us use the ‘bad’ label three to ten times more than the ‘good’ label. When we say something […]
May 16, 2011

Another reason to sleep – by Candice Setton

We’ve probably all been given the sage advice of getting a good night’s sleep before a test or exam. But I wonder, if we really knew just how valuable the advice was, if we might have taken it more readily […]
May 9, 2011

Another reason to smile – by Candice Setton

Did you know that we’re part of a naturally smiling species, that we can use our smiling powers to positively impact almost any social situation and that smiling is really good for us? Well, now you do and what’s more… […]