February 23, 2015
2015.02.23.Make time for fun

Make time to play.

Stress, fear, negativity, too much to do and doing things for others at the expense of our own needs – these all stifle our innate creativity. Relaxation, fun, meditation and going after our dreams all get the creative juices flowing. […]
February 16, 2015
How can you improve your relationship in 5 seconds

How can you improve your relationship in 5 seconds?

Do you want to improve your relationships? That’s a silly question, isn’t it? As the answer is likely a resounding, “Yes!” We all want to improve our relationships, we just often don’t know how. Sometimes the smallest steps can make the […]
February 9, 2015
2015.02.09.How many grudges are you holding

How many grudges are you holding?

I was listening to Darren on 94.7 last week and he has was asking people to forgive someone they had been holding a grudge against as payment for prizes they won on the show. This got me thinking about the […]
February 2, 2015

Can you stop other people wasting your time?

Last week we explored ways that we can take control of our lives and our time to optimise the use of this precious resource. While applying these principles this past week, I wonder if you too experienced the common challenge […]
November 24, 2014

Is it too late?

Ever feel like its too late or you are too old, too tired, too broke, too stressed out or not capable of chasing your dreams? Well, it’s never too late when YOU DECIDE it’s not. And maybe all you need […]